Bandi Delwin

Bandi Delwin was born in Iridine, the only child of parents who drank too much ale. Her childhood was mostly unhappy...her mother died early on. One night, drunk as she often was, she stumbled through a sewer grate and met her end with the poison of a sewer snake. In Bandi's point of view, it was all for the better.

But alas, her troubles were not over. As a young child and from then on, Bandi was responsible for taking care of their run-down shack in Iridine, getting food for her and her father and paying all expenses. Naturally, a young lass cannot manage that so easily, and Bandi was often beaten and abused for not fulfilling her ridiculous tasks. Sometimes her father would come home in a drunken rage in the wee hours, find no food laid out on the table, drag Bandi out of bed and lock her in the cold cellar or a cupboard. The poor girl was terrified, but she learned how to take care of herself and pick the locks on her doors of imprisonment, or unlock the pantries to get at food, which her father never gave her more than a few crumbs of. When Bandi was sixteen, her father met a similar fate to her mother's, dying in a drunken fight at the Wayfarer, and Bandi was free. When she became independent, she had no money and no food, simply the clothes on her back. After many observed her skill with the lock, she was advised to head for Apula's, to exercise her talent to support herself. Ever since, Bandi has been making a living by helping the citizens of Iridine unlock their various items, working at Riverside Locks. She still bears the scars of her father's rage on the outside, but on the inside, she has grown into a lovely young lass.

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