Auril Riien

I would love to tell you all about my most illustrious life and my struggle of bravery, adventure, and heroism from innocence to experience, but you'd probably fall asleep right now. Because of this, I'll tell you what you need to know.

I'm Auril Riien, son of Rendium Riien and Allustra Sesten. Our family has close ties to the house of Condaia and yada yada yada.

Anyways, As a child, I learned in the arts of the trader and the diplomat. Never has our family been able to endure and form of manual labour. My mother says 'it is not our role in life'; that and the fact that our family has a hereditary trait of being short, thin, and frail.

At the age of 14, I fled from Remath after finishing my classes. I always yearned for a life in the high seas, serving as guard or some sort of escort in an independant ship or some sort of merchant vessel. However, this was not to be. At a miniscule 4 foot 11 inches and a mere eighty or so pounds, I was quickly rejected for the job. In a fit of anger, I stowed away onboard a trading vessel on her way to Iridine away from my responsibilities.

I only had a few denarii given to me by some of my parents' friends during their visits to Remath and a small bag of my belongings so I knew I had to find a job. There I met Cyanicus, a person I had an instant connection to.

Years passed, yada yada yada and because of the Cineran war I went back to Remath. I took up my responsibilites and lived there for many more years, until the lure of Iridine caught me in her mysterious clutches.

Yada yada yada, now I live in Iridine as a constable recruit. As a child, I've been taught to obey the law and rules of the house and as a seasoned man I still hold to that, despite my desire to spread my wings.

Well, I've been talking too long. I should really go now. See you in the city!

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