Hi there.
I suppose you want me to tell you about myself. If you donít want to listen, of course, just say so and Iíll stop.
My name is Arutha, and Iím 16 years of age. Iím Altene, as anyone can tell who knows me, but Iíve lived in the city of Iridine for the past 11 years with my family.
We moved to Iridine when my fatherís shop burnt down in Altene. Luckily, we were visiting relatives of my mothers, and no one was hurt in the blaze.
My dad is a candle maker. Heís been making candles all his life, and I expect heíll be making them till he dies. Itís his true passion, though itís lost on me. My mother helps Josephius by doing some sewing for him whenever he needs it. Both my mother and father live in a small apartment above my fatherís new shop. They are both good people, and Iím lucky to have them.
My fatherís a pacifist, so he never taught me or my brother, Jorgeg, to fight. My brother learned how to use a sword on the street, and was soon a fairly good fighter. Unfortunately, he got involved with the wrong crowd. When he ran off to join an Altene Mercenary Company, my father was very angry, shouting and yelling. Jorgeg comes home every now and then, and when he does, itís always very stressed at the table.
I learned to fight with the stave from my uncle. Not my fatherís brother, but my motherís. My mother comes from a very combative family, and they are always ready to teach me a bit. My fatherís fine with my warrior tendencies, as long as I donít talk to much of it when Iím there.
Thatís a thing I forgot to mention. I moved out of my fatherís house when I was 15, did a bit of traveling. I went to Parcines, the Safelands, and even back to Altene, to visit some friends. It was fun, and Iíd like to travel again. Nothing compares to being free to do what you want to.
When I got back to Iridine, I met Galixy, a beautiful girl who also fights with the stave. Weíre set to be married now, and I canít wait. Most of my life revolves around her.
My favorite things to do, you ask? Hmm. Well, I love to prowl about the alleys at night. Fighting thugs and brutes is great, and I always look forward to it. Iíve gotten fairly rich this way, and Iím saving my money for a really nice helmet.
Well, thatís about all there is to tell about me. How about you?

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