Arinu Ram


The sun had not broken through the land to brighten up our world.
I stumbled out of my room, almost cutting myself on my wooden gladius.
It was yet another day, 12 winters after I was born.
My father, the delight of my eyes, waited outside, barking instructions at me in Aestivan.

"No! Not like that! " , "Watch your footwork!" , "You fight like our cow!" as I sparred with him in front of my house.

At the end of the day, my father drills into me what he drills everyday.

"Remember!" he booms " Your mother was killed by the EVIL IRIDINIANS! I am training you to help in extinguishing this menace after me!"

I nodded dumbly, not fully understanding the implications of this.
Several winters later, a troop of Iridinians destroyed our village.
I tried to defend it, and even killed an Iridinian in self-defense, but was knocked cold.
I regained consiousness, disoriented and temporarily blind. I heard someone whisper, "He will be of use to the Republic." before falling unconsious again.

The next thing I remember is , "Hello there Youngster"

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