Well, Unlike alot of folks, Aragoth had a happy childhood, a loving mother. And a caring father. Aragoth's father was in the Altene Legions, and Aragoth never much saw his father. They wren't right, nor poor, kinda middle class. On his 14th birthday, however, his father returned and told Aragoth that he must join the Altene legions. Aragoth refused, for two years both father and son never spoke to each other. His mother tried to get the two back togather, but failed everytime. when Aragoth was 16, he got news that his father was killed in a battle against the cinareans. Aragoth's mother was in grief, she wouldn't eat,sleep, or anything else. Finally, she parished also. Aragoth moved around and began drinking heavily. He came to Iridine as an accident, he was wandering in the wilderness and came to the gates of irirdine, He figured there was a tavern there so he was planning to enter the city, have a few drinks, rest up, and set off again. Truth was he began to love the city and stayed, living in the allys in small shacks or else sleeping in the roads. He never really had much money, but never cared, as long as he had enough for drink, he was satisfied. And he still is there today.

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