Appolus Remus

I grew up in a large village in the beautiful hills of Gadaene, my childhood was full of adventures: following my father into battle against the Sosterans, wandering in the hills, making mischief in town. Early in my life it was decided that I would marry a beautiful merchants daughter, Lucana. Together, Lucana and I had many adventures. When I reached 12, I was eligible for conscription, because we were in a desperate war with the Sosterans and a mercenary army of Alteanes and all able men were to join the army.

during my service, I befriended a foreigner from Cinerea, his name was Nimon. With Nimon I became renouned in my Legion for bravery, skill, and cleverness. I served for 4 years in the army, until I was 16. Nimon returned home with me, and stayed in my home.

While I was gone, Lucana had matured into a beautiful, gentle blossom. Her beauty surpassed any in all of my village. But, I was home only shortly. Not long after our reunion, Lucana, Nimon, and I, were kidnaped by a group of Sosteran slavers. during our adventure, Nimon was killed when the two of us tried to hold a hill from over one-hundred Sosteran soldiers. Fortunately, I survived and returned home with Lucana, to be married.

We lived happily together until once again disaster struck in my life. While away in another short career with the military, a sorcerer came to our town, threatening death to all those that did not pay him for safety. I returned home once again, and my father told me of his proposition and that he had refused. Two days later my family and wife were killed in a fiery non-light summoned by the sorcerer, I escaped the blast.

I began to wander, trying to find the evil warlock that had doomed me to misery, but alas, I found him not. I was discovered by a Sosteran scouting party and beat nearly to death. I went into coma. When I awoke, I was in the care of a healer from a strange land known as Iridine. I was nursed back to health at her kindly hand, I later leaned her name, Roe. Now, 19, without wife, family, or child, I live in the streets of Iridine, trying to regain my forgotten skills. I kill those with magic, or those who would do harm to any woman or child.......

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