Antequides Garrisson

Born to a proud family in a small village, Antequides was an average (or was he?) child. His father, Dipocrates, had been elected Commander of the Militia. He taught Ant to defend himself at a young age, starting with the basics of the jab and hook. His mother, Demetria, was a kind, loving woman who spent most of her time managing Penelope and Helen, Ant's beautiful sisters. At the age of 12, Antequides celebrated his father's promotion to general, and the gaining of the sacred bloodname, ?Garrisson?. Antequides then obtained his father?s tin gladius, an honor for someone of fourteen. He began to vigorously train to join the Militia. At fifteen, Antequides had proven to his father that he has enough training to be a watchman. Upon arriving at his post he was accepted into the Militia with the ritual greeting, the letting of blood without tears. He had to compete in a circle of equals and if he was the first to draw blood, he would take his position. With a quick jab to the chin of his rival, the blood began to flow and Ant took his position as watchman. Not more than two days later, a messenger atop a horse arrived with grave news, the village was being attacked by fearsome warriors. Traveling as fast as possible, Ant and his company reached the village too late. The village was in ruins and only the scent of death was the only thing keeping Ant grounded in reality. Only one solitary invader had been killed in the battle. After burying the bodies and dispatching the fires, Ant left for Iridine to start a new life and forget his old one, but only found questions about his past. There are two things he cannot forget. He was unable to defend his village. And he knows his sisters are still alive... somewhere.

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