Katerina Nuome

I grew up with my parents in the city of Iridine. My mother, Ranea, and my father, Lonel, were caring people who raised me the best they knew how. I grew up learning about Ereal, and fearing Ravan. Daily meditations and prayer were a part of my life.

One cold evening, in the 201st year of the Republic, Lonel fell ill. Ranea stayed by his bedside constantly. One day a raven visited my home, cursing my mother with Ravan's touch. In a fit of rage Ranea killed my father, and accused me of being Ravan-spawned. Then she returned to herself, and told me to run. I ran, and never saw her again.

For 2 years I walked away from Iridine, walking about Midlight, learning what I could, and losing the faith I once held so dear. How could Ereal let this happen to his children? Then one day I found a Shrine where a priestess told me Ravan too had once cursed her. She helped me restore my faith, and told me to love, not hate. She also warned me that Ravan had his eye on me, and I should be afraid. I was.

I left the Shrine eventually, and walked back to Iridine. For some time I fought with my hate and fear, and eventually I won. To this day I look to Ereal for strength and love, and try to fight Ravan as best I can.

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