Amorine lived a fairly normal life, with a fairly normal family in Altene. Her mother was kind, and obedient. Her father was stern, and gentle when needed. Her older brother was, older.

Amorine was perfectly content with the life she lived. Training with her father, teasing her brother. Everything was as she would like it to be.

The departure of her mother changed all that. Amorine knew not to mention her name in front of her father, but late at night before she fell asleep she would whisper to herself "Silvinia, mother..goodnight."

Life wasn't what it use to be, but Amorine managed to move on and live her life as it was.

Until her father was killed...who and why, I will not tell. You will have to ask Amorine herself. If she wishes to tell you, she will.

That is when Amorine fled to Iridine. She had heard many nice things about it, and had nowhere else to go.

I should stop this tale now. I may have said too much for Amorine's liking. She does like to stay behind that wall I call fear. But shh...don't tell her I said that, she would have a hissy fit.

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