Alriic Whiteflame

'Dad,' a shy eight year old Alriic slowly walked into his fathers shop. His father's slight frown turned to a smile as he looked up from his work. He turned to face his gangly son and put down his tools. Daslin reached over and ruffled his sons hair,
'Hey kid, what ya' want?'
'Well, I want'ed to know,, well,'struggled to let out his words as he shuffled his feet, head down. His father smiled again and listened. Alriic had a hard time sptitting out his words, for his father was a hard man when it came to his trade, but he looked up, hope in his bright grey eyes, 'Well, I want, to help you, in here, help with the carpentry.' His father's smile turned flat,
'Are you sure, you know, the gathering in Taseth is soon? I will talk to the elder, if,...IF you are very sure.' His father gave him a very sobering stare. Alriic gulped, bit his lip, and stood there for a second. Then, he looked up once more, his youthful face very serious,
'Yes, I am very sure,' And he nodded. His father smiled, and from there, he began his sojourn into carpentry. He learned the art of making wood products from his father, a well known carpenter. He started slow and worked his way up, and started to become good at his apprentice-ship. he learned to work the wood, but more importantly, learned to make quality goods.
He learned more from his parents than woodworking. His mother and father taught him about life as well. He learned how to treat others, and learned what it was to be a christian. As the age of 11 came, his father came to him early one morning.
'Hey, wake up boy, get packed. We leave for Iridine later today, I need to make a run down there, have a few commisions to deliver.' Daslin left, leaving him feeling a bit jubilant. He smiled, finally, he got to leave the confines of the Safelands. His mother Jaymel, met him later before he left,
'You stay safe son,' she smiled and hugged him.

Alriic stepped into the cooking room of his parents house. His father and mother both sat at the table. He cleared his throat, 'Um, sorry to interupt you two.' His parents looked at eachother,
'Uh-oh, you know he's never this polite unless he wants something,' Jaymel sighed. His two sister giggled as they prepared the evening meal. He turned and glared at them, willing them to be quiet. His father cleared his throat loudly, and Alriic turned back, blushing slightly. Daslin sighed and frowned,
'I think I know what this is about, you been talkin' to Lasrin after the trip to Iridine' Jaymel smiled, knowing where the conversation was going.
'Uh, well, I guess you know the question. So, what's the answer?' Both his parents considered, then looked at one another.
'Look, he's only 13, I don't think this is such a good idea,' his father said to his mother, and Alriic's countenance became slightly angry at once.
'Look at him, 'e's ready to argue already,' his mother grinned at her son. Then she turned to her husband, 'And why not, you were 'bout the same age. I think he should make 'is own decisions,' she said as her face in turn grew more stern. Daslin laughed, to the surprise of the two facing him,
'How can I resist, 'tween the two 'a you?' He turned to his son once more, his face clear, yet his blue eyes sparkled, 'Look, you can learn the art of combat under Lasrin,' and Alriic started to smile broadly, 'BUT, you will listen to him, and you will do what he says. He is a friend of mine, and I will talk to him. He holds a high code of ethics for combat, he will only take those who swear to uphold them.' Daslin raised his eyebrow towards his son. Alriic Pursed his lips, but nodded.
'Yea', I will do so, my father,' he said with uncommon politeness, and his parents laughed together.

'You swear, to uphold these laws?'
'Yes sir, I do. I will follow your words with the utmost of care.' Alriic kneeled before Lasrin in the practice yard, holding a wooden practice gladius. He was bathed in sweat, and a fair number of bruises. 'I will take your word to heart, and protect those who need it, as I can.' Lasrin smiled at his 16 year old pupil.
'Good, I know I can trust you with these codes. You having trouble helping your father, you work hard with me.'
'No sir, I 'an handle it,' Alrliic said, then he smiled, 'Besides, 'e told me first time I slacked or complained, I'd be off your training.' The big trainer laughed,
'I can see him saying that, ok, in that case, get washed up.' Alriic smiled and got up, and stopped dead, as he saw the mischevious grin on his mentors face. 'You got it lad, you still need to clean the shop, and rack the weapons.' Alriic bit off a groan, and resolutley walked off to his duties. Lasrin smiled and shook his head as the young man walked off.

'Yes, I'm sure, it's something I need to do.' His parents, and Lasrin sat at the same table in the common room. He once again faced his council. 'I, really can't explain it, yet,' Alriic considered as he recalled those youth who had been sent from the Safelands, and realized he wanted to join them,' Look, I've thought this through a thousand times. After bein' to Iridine, growin' up, I've seen, heard more of this world. It, appalls me, to see how many people, suffer.' Alriic sighed, and looked downcast. 'I 'ave lived a good life, thanks to ye' two. And I praise God for that, yet, there are others, who, maybe I may be able to help.' Daslin raised his hand to stop his son,
'Ok, we've heard you,' he smiled breifly, 'many times tonight. But, I, well, can't stop you, you're old enough to make your way in this world.' Jaymel smiled at her 18 year old son.
'We'll outfit you, don't worry, you won't go hungry,' she added to to Alriic. He looked to the trio,
'Wait, I, this means...,' he stumbled, a look of incredulity on his face. The trio at the table all smiled and nodded at him.
'we've all seen it comin', all we could do is help a bit,' Lasrin added. Alriic grinned at the assembled, and for once, he even smiled at his sisters. he bowed to Lasrin, and then hugged his mother.
'Thanks, I, well, thanks,' he smiled again. He looked at his father, who had taught him his only trade. 'Dad, I owe ya', you've given me my start, I thank you.' And with that he hugged his father, to the surprise of all there. After a moment of shock his father smiled broadly and hugged him back.

Alriic climbed aboard the transport, waving to his family, 'I will be back, you can count on it, beloved.' He smiled and settled into place aboard the craft.
'My son, may your passage be swift, fly the Tothean, and stay safe,' Daslin yelled after the craft. Alriic took a deep breath, heaved his sac onto his back, and patted his tin gladius, given to him by Lasrin. Knowing not what the city held for him, he set off, more than a little nervous, but you think he was gonna let the other youth aboard see it?

'Good, I know I can trust you, Alriic.

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