Alivian Kinsley

Alivian Kinsley was born in the flophouse of Iridine to Darin and Mikaela Kinsley. Darin was a young Parcinean stavesman who had come with his brother Del to Iridine from Parcines and fallen in love with Mikaela, marrying her. Mikaela was half Aestivian, half Altene. Her mother, Alivian's maternal grandmother, was Aestivian. Upon a trip to Altene as a young lass, she met Alivian's maternal grandfather. He fell instantly in love with her, and promptly followed her back to the Aestivian League, where they married. They had seven children together, the oldest two being twin girls, Mikaela and her sister Delilac, to whom she was very close. However, when the children were all fairly young, except for Mikaela and Delilac, who were fifteen, their parents died of a sickness that was transmitted through their crops. Mikaela and Delilac decided the only way they would survive would be to come to Iridine and try to start a new life. Unfortunately, all except Mikaela died on the journey of dreadful sickness and malnutrition. When Mikaela arrived, she met Darin, who had traveled from Parcines with just the clothes on his back to start a new life with his brother, Del. They fell in love and were married, having Alivian. Darin taught his new wife and daughter how to survive using their staves. They lived in the flophouse...ate what they could kill with their staves. But alas, the happy life could not go on for long, and soon both Darin and Mikaela died of malnutrition and starvation. Alivian was alone, or so she thought. While wandering the streets of Iridine one day, on her way to the sewers to hunt for osecars to eat and sell the pelts of, she came upon two straggly looking young lassies, no more than twelve, who looked remarkably like her. Upon research, the trio discovered that that Alivian and the two, Relian and Renn, were cousins, the younger two being the twin daughters of the recently deceased Del Kinsley and his wife Lei, dying of similar reasons to Alivian's parents. Lost and bewildered, the two were searching for help. Alivian took them in and taught them the ways of the stave. Since then, Alivian, with her cousins, has been living at the flophouse in Iridine, hunting in the sewers and exploring all around. They still make their livings by their staves, and meet new people everyday, including long-lost second cousin Herme. Alivian has since adopted an honorary son, Haschel, and everyday holds up her lifelong dream: making her parents proud.

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