Alexxandria was born in her homeland of Altene to Jacob and Annah Ptolomy. She was a very squirmy baby , always wanting to crawl instead of being carried and she always insisted on feeding herself if possible, they knew she would be a handful and could already see she was fiercly independant. Annah and Jacob adored her and she was their whole world. Both sets of grandparents were against each other and against the marriage, Annah couldnt take it anymore and so they set off to Iridine with Alexxandria to start a new life and get a clean start, they knew enough about Iridine to know it would be a safe enough place for her child. They packed up what little belongings they had and set out for a new life.

A year after they moved Alexxandria's sister Lilith was born, she mothered her just like it was her own child even though she was barely 4. As the 2 girls got older Annah had already given birth to 2 more girls, Madelline and Annabelle. Alexxandria was pushed from her childhood into being a mother, Annah had taken a job for a wealthy Patrician and couldnt be with them as much as she wanted to for sometimes he would make her stay for as long as a week doing odds and ends for him, she needed the money so she never refused when he would ask. Jacob made Gladius's that were incredible in workmanship and beauty, people paid high price for them but it wasnt a steady business so the money had to last for quite awhile when he did get a job, he hated Annah having to work cause he always thought the man was solely responsible for supporting the family. He felt as if he was a failure at being a husband and father but Annah always hushed him saying that she didnt mind and no reason why she shouldnt work so for the next 5 years it was how things went.

Alexxandria was close to her father, she adored him more then anything on the planet and she would go into his workshop eery chance she got to hear him tell her stories of when he was young, he even started teaching her how to use the gladius and she loved it. She would practice with a few kids that lived in the Inn room next door and dream of one day being able to really go fight something, her father being as protective as he was didnt even want her in any potential danger so forbid her from fighting. Jacob felt a special bond with Alexxandria, he called her Alexx for short partly for she acted like a tomboy most the time. He knew she had so many responsibilities and needed to be allowed to behave as a child, and he wished he could have it that way for her but they needed the money to survive. Alexxandria didnt mind, she was content with her life and never wanted it to change.

Sadly one day Alexx's life was turned upside down and could never be the same again. Jacob had been in the shop when the heart that had loved his family so much gave out and he passed on from the realm of the living. They were devestated, no more then Alexx though, she felt as if her heart would break and kill her right then, she loved him like no other and needed her father to wake up. She refused to believe he was really gone, she held out hope it was just an awful dream and she would wake up to him smiling at her, telling her things were okay. Alexx withdrew from the world around her not wanting any part of something that could so cruely take away her father. She became angry and practiced with her gladius every free moment she had, it was the only thing that would keep her from slipping away totally.

Annah knew she couldnt support herself and her 4 daughters here so decided to move back to Altene and mend broken relationships with her parents. Alexx refused to go, she didnt want to leave the city she grew up in so her mother had no choice but to leave her and her sister Lilith who refused to go as well. Annah cried and begged one last time the morning they packed ready to leave, but to no avail, that morning she watched as her mother and 2 sisters walked away from their lives. Alexx made a vow right then she would protect Lilith and be the mother she was now without, her heart grew walls around it, she could not take more heartbreak and refused to allow a man into her heart ever again.

As Alexx and Lilith got older things became easier for them, she finally got skilled enough in her sword to make enough money and they never did without. She taught Lilith the ways of the Gladius which helped her fears somewhat on Lilith's safety. Several years passed and right after Alexx's 18th birthday she met a man who she fell for against her better judgment but ran when he got too close, she ran from every relationship once it got serious, she could not handle another heartbreak like her father.

By the time Alexx was 19 she had managed a place to live and was comfortable in her savings, she had learned several skills over the years so had several ways of making money, she was content once again and liked how everything was. She felt pride that she had made it on her own without anyones help plus raised her sister to be something she knew their mother would be proud of. Things were exactly how she wanted them, she loved the idea of being in love but knew that would only break her heart down the line. She knew one day some guy would make her fall head over heels but for now she was content in her place in life.

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