Alexandra was a simple girl with the most "normal" childhood imaginable. Her parents weren't rich, but she didn't lack in any area. Her parents were loving, caring, and kind and she made no enemies. The highlight of her happy days were spending time with Derrick, her best friend. They laughed, raced, ran, and told jokes only adults were supposed to know.

One beautiful summer day Alexandra and Derrick were munching apple for their lunch in a field discussing pressing best-friend matter.

Some boys visiting from the city of Altene passed by and taunted them (as boys tend to enjoy doing). Derrick, of course did not take kindly to this and swore vehemnantly at them. As the heated words turned to physical maiming Alexandra cried (not understanding what she could possibly do as she was frozen in fear). After what seemed and eternity, the boys left Derrick there, bleeding and battered. Alexandra rushed to his side. With tears in her eyes she asked what she could do. "Kiss me" he whispered raspily. Not wanting to deny him anything at this point, she comlied. "Stay gentle, Alex. The world will try to harshen you." With that, he died in her arms.

Now Alexandra wanders about the world, staying ever so gentle, trying to find the good in someone that she saw in her childhood friend.

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