It was a cool, but calm day, fairly similar to this one. I was staying with the latest patrician family who'd adopted me, though not horrible, by cineran standards, they were not nice by any means either. I was forced to work day in and day out in the fields, for no more pay than a meal, and clothes once mine had become too indecent to wear. I had no more supplies than a small knife used to cut the large vines, which I trained with every once in a while, mostly for protection against snakes in the field. I had few friends, as I moved around a lot, once my work under one family was done, I'd be sent off to another. Though not a particularly satisfying life, it could've been worse. Well, anyways, I was working for the family out in the fields, when an escarnus jumped out from some large bushes, and tackled me. He bit and scratched me all to pieces, until I jammed my knife into his side, and ran off as he jumped back in shock. I hid in the woods for the night, and ate a few berries I deemed safe enough. I returned home the following morning, only to find my irate foster-father with a barbed whip and a large scowl on his face. "For every time I shouted your name last night, that's a lashing." Worn and beaten as was, I became terrified...I ran into my room, grabbed my few belongings, and dashed out the door. I lived in the forests of Cinera for severals months, possibly even years, eating mostly fruit and plants, and killing the occasional rabbit or rat with my knife, and skinning it best as I can. This passed on until one day, I heard several men wielding daggers calling my name...turned, and ran. I ran until I could not run anymore, and then passed out along a cobblestone road...I woke up the next morning and did the same thing, following this road. I would turn roads and such, eating little, and running much. Eventually, I reached and old man sitting in a garden, who taught me much of life, as I know now that he does to many folk. Such, I met Phaedro, and the kindness of Iridine. I vowed on that day to someday make Cinera as kind, and helpful as Iridine.

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