Aescapes Remus

Aescapes recently arrived in Iridine from the City of Altene. The son of two healers Lorina and Aescan, Aescapes dreamed of a life in the Altene military. From an early age Aescapes shunned the healing arts and practiced with his stave day and night. When he couldn't find a friend to spar with, he would sneak into the local training grounds and practice with a fangstave he crafted himself. His parents did not approve of his decision to become a warrior. His family was from a long line of healers and they didn't feel that Aescapes decision to join the Altene Army was a wise one. They worried that he was too young and that he would get himself killed. They loved Aescapes greatly and in an effort to protect him from himself they called in a favor with the Captain of the Altene Guard to deny Aescapes entrance to the army. Lorina had saved the Captain's daughter by nursing her back to health after she suffered a grievous wound from a wild boar in the grasslands outside Altene one day while playing with her friends.

When Aescapes came of eligible age, with high hopes and great determination he presented himself at the Recruiting Office for the Altene Army. He waited his turn to show his skills but when his turn came to fight in the ring to prove his prowess the trouper that had tested the other candidates stepped aside. A man in a masked helm stepped forward to test him instead. This man thoroughly beat Aescapes into the ground. Little did Aescapes know that the man in the masked helm was no less than the Captain of Guard himself. When Aescapes woke he was told that his skills were insufficient to join the Army and that he should think to pursue another career. He limped home feeling every bruise and scrape but his feeling of utter despair at failing to make the cut was far more painful than his physical wounds.

When he returned to his parent's home his mother saw the state of his injuries and exclaimed, "Gods! What have I done to my son!?!" Aescapes, taken aback by his mother's statement demanded that she explain what she meant. Filled with remorse, she admitted her duplicity and begged Aescapes to forgive her and to follow the life of a healer that she wished for him. Infuriated, Aescapes refused to listen to her pleas. He grabbed a sack proceeded to pack his meager belongings. He then stormed from his parent's home and without a backward glance started his journey to Iridine, determined to make a life for himself as a warrior. And thus his journey to fame and fortune begins!

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