Actavious C.

Name: Actavious Cerrellus
Place of Birth: Parcine
Age: 19
Favorite Food: Whatever is around
Favorite Drink: Whatever is around
View on life: Make what you want of it
View on death: Death is only going to a better place

As he walked out onto his road that had been taxed by the republic for many years, he held his axe close about his waist. Only bringing it up when the occasional snake or wandering bandit jumped from the brush. He walked down that road, as he'd done before, but this time, an officer was waiting not too far down the road. The officer approached him and told this young man that he must come to the Headquarters. He shrugged it off and agreed, while the anger festered in him. The officer held his gladius with an iron grip, looking at it and the surrounding bushes. The boy walked farther along with this officer, when he noticed a glint of steel in the bushes, out of the corner of his eye. With a quick backhanded movement to the head of the officer, the officer fell to the ground with a cry, and went out cold. Two soldiers came out from the bushes and with their experience in the gladius, knocked this boy's axe to the ground. As he began kicking and punching with all his might, the other soldier knocked him out with a hilt hit to the boy's head.
The boy awoke in a crowded jail with thieves and con-artists. As he shrugged off the sleepiness of unconsciousness, two of the soldiers came in the jail and dragged him out into the hall. He laid on the ground, with a soldier holding his gladius to his neck, when the officer spoke to him. The officer told him that they were not responsible for what had happened to him and his family. They were just following the orders of the King. His family had died due to the circumstances of the situation, and because his family had been hiding some of the enemy. He explained that they had perished to help the city grow.
He cursed that this was all wrong. His family had died because of the city. The sword dug into his neck and a drop of blood reddened the tip of the soldier's gladius. He quieted a little as the officer began explaining all that would happen now. The officer told him that he would be leaving, to return to his home and tell the leader of the enemy that he should give up and turn himself in, or be responsible for more deaths. If he were to not do this, Actavious and the whole area would die when they were found. About this time, Actavious began a hatred towards gladius users. He agreed to the deal and with a little help stood up on shaky legs. He asked if he would get his axe...they laughed at him and handed him back his was broken in two.
Actavious left the Headquarters and wandered the streets for a while, deciding on what to do. Nothing but pain and anger built up inside of him. He soon found his way and began to head back to his home. He pondered many things on his trip back home. How was he to eat with no weapon? How was he to protect himself, for they stripped him of everything except his tunic and some breeches? As he continued his walk, he found himself face to face with a brigand. The brigand began laughing at him. He then whistled and two rogues and three bandits came walking in. Actavious cursed at his luck as the brigand hit him in the chest with the head of his axe and once again, Actavious was unconscious.
He awoke again in a small jail cell. The cell was made from some sticks and were tied together. Just outside the jail were two bandits talking. He began to move and the bandits looked at him and grinned. They reached for their spears and began poking and prodding at him through the cell each time he tried to get out. They laughed at him, which made him more upset, when a warrior came through the door. After a small scuffle, the bandits were dead and the warrior had ripped open the door. The warrior looked at him and smiled. He told him that he need not worry anymore and picked up the small child Actavious had become.
This warrior was very good at many things and with the leather and items he found off the corpses of the people he killed, he soon made Actavious another axe. They walked together towards Actavious' home. They talked of very little, for Actavious had learned at an early age not to talk to anyone who didn't know the language. He tried, but the warrior could not make out his native tongue. The warrior knew something was wrong and soon left Actavious with himself again. For the first time in his life, Actavious thanked the warrior for everything, and the warrior left, with a small smile on his face. Actavious continued his walk home, with a small smile on the corner of his lips.
He soon made it back to his small home. He walked onto his road that was taxed, and was approached by two heavily clad guards he had known since childhood. They spoke in their tongue, and he explained what had happened over his last few weeks. The guards escorted him to the leader of the little group. The leader was glad to see Actavious again. He had always told Actavious' mother that someday, with the proper training, he would make a fine warrior, and would lead their home into victory and finally into peace once again. He told her that her son had the attitude and solitude for it.
They talked for some time and decided on what to do. Actavious was to return to the city that had plundered and pillaged his home so long ago. He was to gather information and if all possible, to assassinate the ones who were responsible for the plundering long ago. He agreed to take the task and soon returned to his old house. He was inside and found a few things in the dirt and rubble he'd once called home. He found the axe his father had given him long ago, always saying 'Axe is the best weapon, never give into these other people who use swords and the like. They are so closed minded, you couldn't even give them their own soul.' He thought of the future, and striking down the one responsible for the pillage of his home. He wondered what might happen if he were to do this. He looked around some more, and soon found a note from his sister that she wrote. He began to cry as he read it, and soon all his pain shot into him. He curled into a ball and slept on the ground with the note in his hand. He couldn't understand some of these feelings he was experiencing. How could he cry, or thank someone, he was a hard, cold-blooded person.
He awoke early and left with a few belongings. He came upon the city, and passed many people. They all smiled to him, and he managed a smile back, though he thought other wise. He asked around for a job and other things, and the people led him to Phaedro. He spoke with Phaedro for awhile, learning about the city and the people. He smiled and headed into this city of Iridine.
He soon set out to gather information, and to train with his axe. He soon found someone who became the love of his life. He soon forgot about the plan that was discussed and lived in this city and with these people. He still had his attitude, but it was not as bad as before, especially when he was by his love. He soon learned much of the history of this new city.
One day as he sat at the Stone Toga Inn with other warriors and constables, a small boy came up and approached Actavious. In his hand was a note. He paid the kid a gold cent, and as he read the note, he felt his heart flutter and the anger return to his face. The others around him asked what was wrong, but he did not respond.
He had received a letter from home and it read:
Actavious C.,
We have not heard from you in some time. It seems as you have not done as according to what was discussed long ago. I figured this would happen and have sent your replacement to complete where you have failed. Hopefully, she will not become engrossed with that pitiful city and will complete the desired task. You may notice her, for she is your sister that you thought had perished when they ransacked our village. Since she is better accustomed to us, we know she will complete the task, and kill all that dare to stop her. But then what to do next? When she returns from her victory, we will hand her over to the city to pay for the crimes. Seems harsh I know, but a death for peace is something I'm willing to do. Of course, we must make it like she turned on us too, so we will be killing Darcwyn, your life long friend and leader of this little rebellious group. Then, we will look like heroes and will no longer be bothered by that pitiful city, and will live in peace and begin to rebuild. Then once the city is built, and this group is stronger we will come, and take over that city of Iridine. So, for now, enjoy yourself with your pitiful friends, and when we meet again, I shall deliver you from the lie you've been living with one clean swipe of my axe. Oh, quick side note, be a sport and not tell anyone. I know you still have that problem with telling people things. Hope you can get to your sister before we can.
Your deliverer,
Rincsh Affalis

Actavious left that day in search of his sister. He is hoping to find her before something happens to the new city he has come to call home.

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