Abicus Simicus

Abicus Simicus was born in a large fishing village just south of Iridine known as Viron on the 9th day of Rindak in the 191st year of the Republic. His father was a sailor who spent half his time asleep and the other half drinking. His mother was a prostitute who had commited suicide shortly after he turned three years old. Because of this Abicus was taken in by his uncle who was a well know scholar of the city. His uncle had sent him to a nearby academy which had taught Abicus, everything from the history of Midlight to ancient battlefield tactics. Among these skills which he was taught was the skill of locksmithing, which Abicus had taken a strong liking to and would later choose as a profession in his life.

While walking back to his room one day after being let out at the academy Abicus now 16 had met a girl named Sharminia whom he had almost instantly fell in love with. Sharminia was everything Abicus had wanted, she was beautiful, she could cook, and above all had one of the most interesting personality Abicus had every seen in anyone. For the next year and a half Abicus and Sharminia had seen each other untill the one day when Abicus had asked Sharminia to marry him, of course her anwser was yes as she loved him as much as he did her. A short bit after the wedding day Abicus had found him and his wife running low on cash because Abicus' locksmithing business had little if any business. So Abicus, depressed but detirmined had joined one of the local fishing crews who worked the seas near the city. Abicus was now 20 and was very poor. He struggled with all his might to keep himself, his wife, and his baby daughter fed and clothed. This had made Sharminia very sad as she did not get to see her beloved husband much anymore. She did however have her daughter, whom she loved with all her heart and would willing die for.

Abicus, now 27 was incharge of his own small fishing ship. He was earning a decent income but still under headcount status. With this promotion Abicus took his family on vacation to his now deceased uncle's country side villa just outside of town to the east. There they had planned a wonderful two week vacation. This vacation, however, was not going to be so wonderful. On the thrid night of the vacation Abicus and Sharminia had awoken to the sound of pottery being smashed in the kitchen below. Abicus grabbed his knife from his bedside and rushed in. When he arrived the kitchen was a wreck, pottery, glass, and other items strewn everywhere. As Abicus looked up he caught a glimpse of movement through the kitchen arch. He ran in to find his seven year old daughter bleeding badly from the head in the arms of a Parcine bandit. Abicus had charged at the man and managed to lodge the knife in the bandits head. He then took his daughter out of the bandit's arms and rushed upstairs to his wife. His wife being a skilled healer had immediatly begun to stitch her head up. Afterwards they put her down on their bed and waited night after night for their daughter to awaken. Five days had passed before their daughter had moved, and when she did she awoke screaming. Not a scream of fear or pain, but a long ghostly sounding moan. Abicus and Sharminia rushed to their daughters side whom they immediatly found to be crippled. Sharminia broke out into tears as Abicus sat trying to hide his emotions. Their daughter was now crippled and her condition was worsening every day. Sharminia had cried for three days straight at her daughter's bedside praying to Ereal for her daughter to be okay. Ereal did not anwser her prayers, for the next day their daughter had stopped breathing and died. Greif struck Sharminia ran to the balcony and jumped over the rail head first falling to the ground cracking her skull in two. Abicus watched in horror as the only two people he loved in the entire world died within a five minute period.

Now alone, upset, and scared, Abicus sat down and cried. Some would call him a wimp for it, but it is far from the truth as Abicus had not cried since the week of his birth over even the biggest things till now. His wife and daughter had ment everything to him but he would not take his own life because they were both now dead. He was angry now at every one of those Parcine barbarians and bandits who had plagued the countryside. He had immediatly applied to join the nearest Legio unit but was declined because he did not have the physical capabilities of which a soldier needs. Depressed yet again Abicus decided to move to the City of Iridine. Ever since he was a child he was told about how big and grand of a place this city was. He was told of the diversity, long paved streets, and relative safeness compared to most of the Republic. He then decided to head out to the place known as 'The Eternal City'. On his way out of his village Abicus had witnessed something amazing. A squad of his local legal authorities taking on a group of Parcine bandits being lead by one who Abicus had know the face of very well, his name was Brith whom was also know as 'The Butcher' to many. The constables had quickly rounded up the bandits and hauled them away. Abicus now happy for the first time in a month walked on towards Iridine in the cold weather.

Upon arriving in the city he was immediatly noticed as being a locksmith and was pointed towards the local locksmith's, her name was Apula. Abicus was suprised with the city and how most everyone he met spoke the common language quite regularly. Abicus had not had much experience with the common language in his home town due to the lack of foreigners, but it had now seemed absolutly necessary to brush up on.

Abicus still has problems speaking in common but he is getting better everyday. He has even made friends with one from Parcine, one of the only from that nation which he trusts. Abicus is still single and currently employed by Apula's at the Riverside Locks company and is earning a decent wage.

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