Trittillius Lockly

I am a man who had a problem as a child. My name is Trittillius Lockly from the lands of Altene. As a boy I remember a father who beat and abused me in a drunken rage. I never told anyone this but I hated my father! My mother died by my birth and that forever rides me. As a boy from Altene, my life was written in me. I am to be in the army and to be a stavesman, but I was not at all! Before my mother died she passed on our family gladius to me. When I turned to the age of 7, I took my gladius and started to practice, but when my father came home from the bar he took it and sliced my right leg, which the scar is still there. The man enraged me and I took that gladius and sliced a very noticeable cut on his face. At that moment, my life was changed forever. I ran away that very night looking for anyway to DIE! Then I saw the light of hope in a widow. I say a young boy who had what looked like a wooden gladius in his hand. This struck me as unusual because for all I knew, all boys in Altene use the stave. I then realized he had the same dreams as I did. Collecting all my courage together, I knocked at the door and asked his father if I could stay for a night and as a generous sole, he agreed.

When I first met Shawnn, I knew we would be life long friends. So we came up to his father, of whom I became to know as my father, and asked him if I could stay for good. After we told him my story he agreed since he to knew how it felt to run from the man whom he had known as his father. Shawnn and I became brothers of respect, friendship, and the honor of the sword. Everyday day for ten years we trained to become the best at gladiusí on top of the schooling in the Altene way. Even though our dream was to become great gladius warriors, we were the best in our class and the staves. My life was good, I had all I ever needed and more, but I knew that one day the man I hate would find me and kill me. However, after ten years that fear dissipated. Then one day after coming back from our training in the forest we saw smoke in the direction of our home. Sure enough it was on fire and my fear became a reality. We saw a man whom had a scar at the same place as the cut I had left on my father ten years ago.

At that moment, a fire raged within me, as it still doses, searching for the head of that man. HE HADE KILLED MY TRUE FAMILY AND HE TRIED TO KILL MY FRIEND. So Shawnn and I fought him with every ounce of strength in us and we scared him off. However, my hate for him grows even now! For two years we hunted him looking for any clue of his existence. Then one day we came upon a cave where we thought gold would be. Shawnn was looking for riches, but I was looking for blood because I knew my father was greedy and might be in there. Then all of a sudden an incredibly sized serpent attacked us and we were separated. After hours of searching for him the cave collapsed and I had to leave the cave. This is the moment were I ultimately lost all hope of honoring my mother. After passing out after I left the caves I woke up tied down, my father laughing in front of me. Then he did the worst thing he had ever done to me. He took my family gladius, which was still stained with the blood from his wounds, and broke it in half. I was so angry that I ripped the stakes holding me down away from the earth. I took my knife and cut the other side of his face identical to the first scar, not killing him because I had saw enough of that for one lifetime, or so I thought.
Before I left for the closest town, Iridine, my father said something that can never be forgiven. He said that it was not me that killed my mother at birth, but he had killed her! Before I could attack him he had run away leaving me nothing but thirst for his blood. Exhausted from my experiences, I fainted only to wake up at the docks of Iridine. This nice man, of whom I never got to know his name, gave me a sac of items and a real gladius. So this is where I am at now searching for Shawnn and the death of the devil himself, my father.

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