Siphon Augustine

I grew up in Remath. I spent many a day studying and learning. My mind grew with knowledge and I was smarter then most adults by the time I was 12. My uncle gave me a tin dagger to learn how to fight with incase I needed too. I used in occasionally, but wasn't good with in when I was young.
When I reached the fine age of 16 I went off into the world and joined a mercenary group, our pay was alright, the good pay went to the Altene mercenaries. We were hired by a small nation, who was at war with another small nation. These nations were so far away and small that no one even knew there name, it didnít matter though, they paid us to go and fight for them, so we did. They led us to their nation by boat, we mapped the course, but we wary on if we mapped it right. The captain was sure our 6 ships would make it back.
I improved my knives skill during the war, and received my share of scars. When the war ended I was about 18, we were heading back to Remath, and the known world, but the maps failed us and we got lost.
We found an island on the 9th day we were lost, and there was a flock of harpes on the island, the unexpected attack on us left three benches to every ship empty.
The wind blew us west and we reached an island of a sea nymph named Carabdas, she told us that only one ship would return to the known world. She allowed us to restock our supplies and we set sail once again, demoralized.
Only a week later, a giant sea serpent engulfed one of the ships and swallowed it whole. There was only 5 ships remaining now. After that we sailed for 4 weeks and landed on another island, to restock our food supplies The natives on the island seemed friendly, they offered us food and drink. They treated us like kings, but during our sleep, they killed two boat fulls of men before we realized it. We grabbed our weapons and started fending some off, but they were too many of them, and they were plundering our ships, we ran to our ships and killed the natives on it. They took got two of our ships and close to half our men.
A week after the native slaughtering us a whirlpool caught the Captainís ship and drowned everyone on the ship except for Captain, he was pulled into my ship. The last ship fell almost a year since we had left the ended war, it crashed onto a mound of sharp rocks, everyone on that ship died. We wept for out fallen Remathen brothers, we said that the ones fallen in the war were blessed by Ereal, because they did not have to face this ordeal. Our own ship was not a full crew either, only 11 people manned it including myself. We all agreed to make a holiday to mourn for our following brothers, it would be a holiday that would start when the last ship fell and end when get back to the known world. The day was the 15th of Invex when the last ship was destroyed.
We reached shore on the 22nd day of Allinus, we found out later it was the Republic of Iridine and we landed a couple of miles from Viron. We all split our separate ways, some of the remaining crew decided to go back to Remath, other like myself decided to stay, either because we had nothing to go home to or we joined the mercenary group to get away from home. I stayed because I enjoyed the culture, and I joined the mercenary group to leave home. I was 19 when I arrived in the city of Iridine.

My fellow Remathen crew mates still follow the holiday as myself, during the holiday, We canít eat anything other then cheese, because thatís the only food we had on the ship, drink wine, ale, or anything of the sort, because we didnít have any of that, and canít fight or spar for sport, only when needed too, as in hunting. Also two battles may be fought in competition only for Remathen honor.

You can find me around Iridine now being a kind and curteous person. Be sure to say hi if see me around.

Extra Info: I was born 21st day of Palut. I was considered a genius in Remathen schools, and still am very smart compared to Iridine standards. I'm a hardworker and believe in the value of effort and hardwork. My parents in Remath are both still alive and are glad to hear that I'm still alive, I don't plan on going back to Remath anytime soon. I always enjoy talking to fellow Remathens in the native tounge.

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