Sefrit Asura

Hi , my name is Sefrit Asura. Not the greatest name in the world. Personally I would have preferred a better name , and speaking of names , that's the reason I came to Iridine. To make a name for myself. I was born in Windward , not the greatest place to live, but we all called it home. Dad was a miner , mom stayed at home. We weren't exactly rich , no sir , far from it. Life in Windward was a little on the boring side. I dreamed of going on fantastic adventures, all much too far away from Windward. Everyday I wanted more and more to be a warrior , but my father said my fate was set , I would start mining within the next three months. It was for more income , and so I could have a family of my own someday. When a group of travelers passed through , they showed a certain interest in our town. Of course they were Tucheans , you would see lots of Tucheans in Windward , considering it was Tuchean owned at one time. They rode off without a word , and were gone by the time you could say "Tuchean invaders". Sure as the hair on my chest they were back the next day , this time with many warriors , they advanced on the town , some with bows others with gladius. Already the men of our town sprung into action , attacking with mining picks , shovels , some men even brought out gladius. I know you're thinking they're just Tucheans , the worst aim in the world , and the most poorly trained. It must have been a stroke of luck because as soon as my father and mother left the porch of my endangered home , they were hit square in the chest and in the throat. My father was killed instantly , my mother left for dead , her last words (spoken to me) were "Under....the....floorboard...bedroom" Instantly I rushed into the house , searched under the floorboards , there was 20 denars , a knife , a large sack , and a spear. I stuffed them in the sack , grabbed a few rations from the table , and fled from my hometown as a coward. You can call me a coward , but words never made a man. I hopped onto a ship bound for Iridine , and here I am. I recieved spear training from Gilven , he's a kind fellow. I've been living in Iridine ever since.

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