My taste for adventure and yearning to leave my stuffy mansion lead me to a small coastal village far from the upper class I once knew. By then I was 15, and though the sea air was very appealing, I sought to travel to far away lands on the sea. One thing i forgot to bring, however, was money. I was able to find a job as a serving wench at a local tavern. Of course there was the problem of housing.

I had heard from a patron that a resident of the town was looking for an apprentice to teach his art. This magic that he tought was completely foreign to me and therefore very interesting. Using my natural charm and charisma I was accepted as this man, who went by the name of Garret, became my mentor. His house was deliteful and his family even more so. They accepted me into their homes and hearts very quickly. I wished that this time of my life would never end.

For the first year of training, Garret prepared me for the physical and mental toles that magic would take on my body. During this time he also taught me the secrets of plants and herbs(I liked this the most) and promised me that once my training in magic was through he would train me in herbs. Finally I was ready to learn magic! My first day of training went swimmingly. I had more of a talent for magic than anyone could have hoped for. When the day was through I was adept at many spells and ready to learn many more.

That night I could barely close my eyes. The anticipation was amazing. By the middle of the night I finally managed to fall asleep. Just as I drifted away there was a terrible noise.

The village was on fire! I ran out of my room to help the city battle whatever was causing such havok. That was when I saw my first Cinner. He was garbed in red and had his faced coverd by a crimson cloak. Within minutes the village was practically in ashes and most of the villagers were dead....even Garret. I tried to battle them with my magic but their mages were ten times stronger. The leader was amused by my futile attemps(not to mention the fact that I was the most attractive girl in the village) so he decided to take me prisoner.

Just as quickly as they arrived they left. Their ship carried me and the booty of my village back to Cinera. After weeks of being the plaything of soldiers, our arrival atb Cinera seemed like a blessing. I was taken to the slave grounds where all slaves are sold. Though my the fire in my eyes was gone and the brightness of my hair tarneshed by muck and seawater I still was sold relatively quickly to an old Cineran general.

His mansion was accomadating even for the slaves working in it. I worked for him grudgingly for 2 years. I neared my eighteenth birthday and kept looking for ways to escape my captors. The general had refrained from having his way with me up until then do to his other mistresses but he grew bored with them and I caught his eye. I refused his advances, but it made no difference. He raped me that night. The pain, sorrow, and hate were too much for me to control so early in the morning when he still slept I took the ornamental bow he kept over his mantel and shot him through the heart.

Common sense quickly took over and I knew that if I didn't find a way out of Cinera I would be dead. I was able to escape the mansion of the general and hid in a nearby, decrepit temple to a goddess named Helia. This was the last place a Cinner would be, and therefore a good hiding place. I prayed for two days to this foreign goddess for help in my flight from Cinera and on the third day a miracle happened. A supply wagon which was bound to some country that Cinera was at war with was parked in front of the temple while the driver bought supplies from a nearby general store. I quietly sneaked into the wagon and hid under some pieces of oiled fabric.

The ride would take a day or two. During that time I sustained myself on flasks of water and strips of salted fish. When the wagon arrived in a place called Blackvine, I jumped out and began running. I ran through grassland after grassland till my legs were bleeding heavily from gashes made by unfriendly creatures and plants. I finally made it to a place called Vetallun.

I was starved, and nearly bleeding to death. If it weren't for the kindness of a woman named Fern I never would have survived. She fed me, paid for my healing, and even trained me in her art of archery. And to this day I still reside in Vetallun, I still hate Cinera religiously, I still worship Helia, and I still wait for magic to come to Iridine.

Well that's about it, now if you excuse me there is a bandit with my name on him.

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