Born to a seemingly loving family, bearing the unfortunate surname of "Superman,", Philip Superman was a normal child, albeit a small child in a combat-based society. He'd taken on the nickname, "small fry," or Fry for short. Perhaps it is because he wanted to be like the rest. Perhaps because it was his destiny. Perhaps... perhaps because he was an idiot... he decided to become a vigilante. Some will say he was one of the greatest. Some, being Fry. Taking up the most difficult of sword techniques, and never missing an opportunity to boast of them, Fry was perpetually on the edge. But, he had a soft spot in his heart for children, and the ladies. Today, and the youthful age of 16, Fry is seldom seen. But he is around, and perhaps he is waiting for the perfect opportunity to flash like the lightning, into the fray.

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