Co Chachacha

My name is Co Chachacha, and this is my storyÖ

Born Cazekial Monosmith, in the docks of southern Monlon, I had a hard life, my mother died during childbirth, and my father, well, me and my father never really got along. Jekiel Monosmith, my father, was a strong, ill-tempered man, his weapon of choice, a sturdy, Retalq bladed gladius, engraved with the letters ěJ.M.î on the blade and hilt. I was always so proud of my father, but to him, I could never do anything right, it was probably because I didnít like fighting, and I fumbled my gladius like it had oil on it. I wasnít sure what I wanted to do, until I found a lockpick one day, and found that it came naturally to me. Of course, to my father, locksmithing was out of the question. On my 16th birthday, my father gave me a tin ring engraved with the name ěCazekialî it was the only thing he had ever given me. That night he came home from the tavern drunk, and reeking of ale, I knew then that I had to get out. He beat me that night, and after he passed out, I ran. I wandered southwesterly, to the town of Darpen, from there, I continued on to Argosius, and from there on to the military outpost at Tepsin. There, I sold my ring, which had worn down to being engraved with the name ěCî and an almost indistinguishable ěaî which looked more like an ěoî, to a soldier who, in exchange gave me a room for the night, and 50d, 20 of which I hid in my large sack. He read it and called me ěCoî, which I liked. I made up the last name ěChachachaî to escape my father. On the road to Iridine, I was attacked by bandits, who stole my pouch and tied me up, leaving me for dead. They left my sack, although I still donít know why. A trader, in a wagon, came by, untied me, and gave me a ride to Iridine. I must have fell asleep, because, I woke up next to this elderly gentleman named ěPhaedroî in the yard next to the Stone Toga Inn. I found my way to the legendary Apualaís shop and began my training. About a week after coming to Iridine, I was excepted into the Guild of Locksmithís. After such a hard life, it was nice to finally have friends, and a place to study freely, without the persecution of my father. I still get nervous going up to Vetallun, because of the ladder. My father has not found me yet, and I donít intend to let him, either.

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