Celionus Johnson

I was born in Altene to Michael and Michelle Johnson. I enlisted in the Altene Army when I was 18. I served in the Black Wolves for four years. I had been sending my money home to my mother because she was sixk and dying. The day I got out of the army mt mother died. I had no money and was forced to turn to thievery. I left Altene for Iridine in hope of finding a new life. But I did not, I was forced to turn to thievery once again. One day in jail, I met a man that changed my life. I decided to go back to my Altene ways and use my stave. Now I only use my thieving skills to take pouches of thugs and brutes to make my fight easier. I hope that someone will read this and decided against thievery. That's all for now.


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