Aeryll Doman

I was born in a village in Remath, the second born son to a reasonably prosperous fabric merchant. My childhood was largely unremarkable. As the second born, I was expected to take care of my share of the everyday chores around our shop, but was mostly left to my own devices. My brother, Kieran, was the family's pride. Tall, strong, handsome, clever and popular, Kieran was everyone's favourite and the apple of our father's eye. I could never have asked for a better big brother and my fondest memories are the times my brother spent with me, taking me on hunting trips or showing me skills he was learning from our father. Everyone understood that Kieran would apprentice in our shop and someday inherit our family's business and our father spent many hours with my brother passing along the knowledge of the trade. I had no aptitude for the fabric trade, and even less interest, and was content to live in my brother's shadow, since I, like everyone else, loved him dearly. Everything changed the night my brother was killed in a drunken brawl in the local tavern. He had gotten into an argument with some other patrons, an argument about nothing of any significance, and was left stabbed to death. My family was shattered by Kieran's senseless death, particularly my father. He seemed to have died along with Kieran and became a cold and empty shell of his former self. Over the next few months, I tried to take over more responsibilites in my family's business and my father tried to teach me. However, he became increasingly frustrated with my ineptitude, and each day, his unspoken question became increasingly louder, "Why couldn't it have been you?" And so there came a day when I decided to leave my home. Remath is generally a peaceful and prosperous kingdom, and I, in my naievete, was completely unprepared for the hardship that awaited me. I wandered into Cinera and quickly learned some hard lessons. While the folk of Cinera are generally decent people like you might find anywhere, the soldiers are a cruel bunch. I was beaten frequently and most of my possessions were taken from me, except for my staff which was of such poor quality that they considered it worthless. The time I spent crossing Cinera is an unhappy blur in my memory now,buy I eventually stumbled across the border into the republic of Iridine. Vetallun stands out only as one more town where the people were hostile, another place to just keep moving on. So I arrived in Iridine the way so many of us do, battered in body and spirit, lost and bewildered. I can never fully express my appreciation for the kindnesses shown to me by many of the residents of this city. To those of you who cared for me, gave me a start and showed me how to get things done, I offer my thanks for my successes. Iridine is not always a kind and uplifting place, but I greatly value the friendships I have made since my arrival. I have yet to find a sense of purpose or direction, but I have my aspirations. As to that, perhaps it is best to simply say that I am a fool who periodically flies too close to the sun, but keeps strapping on his wings. Time will tell.

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