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Old 04-18-2012, 03:33 PM
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Noble House Seamstress Available to Public

Ello' there me lovelies! This here be Agnus, mistress seamstress of all yon great houses of Calabria. What wit' the leaders o' 'ouses bein' disappeart in the city of Trisk' of recent I'll be offerin' some wares for sale 'ere soon to all you common folk. I 'ave some fancy materials an' rare colors for all to be havin' made into fine wear like yer nobles do wit' their direct imports. Send a scroll on to Agnus to be tellin' me whatcha want, and I'll get it made right fast for ya.

-Noble House Seamstress, Agnus


Here's how this is going to go down.

First -
Don't really send any scrolls to 'Agnus' she doesn't exist. If she does, she might be mighty surprised to be getting scrolls about direct import clothing options. Send requests, via scroll, to Cosmo.

Second - Prices of garments for this plot only;

-If you provide your own material and dye for these direct imports - 100d

-If you want an import with regular colors that dyers can provide and IC fabrics available via NPCS - 200d

-If you want something super fancy (example: shimmery blue piled velvet) - 300d

Third - Limitations:

-This deal is only good until Sunday, April 22nd 2012 at midnight PST.
(I'll be online until that time, so no one can say they sent the scroll but I just wasn't online right then.)

-Each player can only order a maximum of 4 items

Available Options -


Collared Bodice:
A (color) (material) stand-up collared bodice. This is a tight-fitting enclosure of (material) fabric worn upon the torso. It features front lacing with (metal) grommets and a stylish stand-up collar which fashionably encompasses the nape of the wearer's neck.

Gemmed Doublet:
A (color) (material) long-sleeved gemmed doublet. It extends down to the hips and is tightly fit to the torso and arms. It features a high-standing collar and padded shoulder rolls with sumptuous trim. Two rows of (metal) buttons fasten it down the front. It has been lavishly decorated with miniature (stones).

A (color and material) pelisse. It is a loose women's coat that falls just to the knees in sumptuous folds. It is fastened at the waist by a (metal) clasp, and features side slits, deep armholes, and silk lined half-sleeves.

War Coat:
A (color and material) skirted doublet with a side closure and elaborate front placket closures. A garment of decoration, it can be practically worn over a single or double layer of doublets and trews as an added protection against enemy weapons.


A (color and fabric) minaudiere. A small evening bag covered in (fabric) and embezzled with small pieces of (gem). It closes at the top via a latch.

Skirted Cotehardie:
A (color and fabric) skirted cotehardie. This is a four-piece garment tailored to fit close to the body with snug sleeves ending at the wrists. It is fastened along the forearms and down the front with a row of decorative buttons. The floor-length skirt of the gown drapes in elegant folds around the feet.

Petticoat Gown:
A (color and fabric) petticoat gown. It features a wide, floor-length, split-front skirt, close-fitting bodice, elbow-length sleeves, and pleats at the back that fall from the shoulder to floor. The bodice of the gown has a low, square neckline, and a sewn-in stomacher, adorned with numerous frills and ribbons. Its short sleeves fit closely to the arms, and end at the elbows in layers of tiered ruffles. The gown itself has two layers of skirts, the petticoat; which can be richly decorated with ribbons, jewels or other frills, and the outer skirt, which is left open at the front to reveal the lavish petticoat.

A wired (metal) frame covered in (fabric). It typically surrounds the shoulders
and head of the wearer to lend a halo-like effect. It is traditionally worn with a snug fitting bodice in which the wires can be tucked and held in place.


Clutch Bag:
A (color and fabric) clutch bag of whatever color and fabric the person chooses. It's a small, but long, rectangular evening bag without a handle.

Cropped Bodice:
A (color and fabric) cropped bodice of whatever color and fabric chosen. It's a very low-cut, cropped half bodice at the front that hugs beneath the breasts before angling down to an exotic tasselled point in the back.

Cuffed Breeches:
A pair of (color and fabric) cuffed breeches in whatever color and fabric chosen. They are a pair of customized breeches featuring full and blousy pant legs. The waist band comes with an adjustable cord drawstring while the leg cuffs are fitted and banded with coordinating corded ties.

Strapless Evening Gown:
A (color and fabric) evening gown boasting an irregular, tea-length flirty skirt. The gown itself features a strapless design combined with shiny beads (bead color and type can be chosen) interspersed along the front. A cascading asymmetrical tier flows outward from below the bust and trails down the sides before fluttering elegantly around the calves of the wearer.


Asymmetrical dress:
A (color) (material) asymmetrical dress. This elegant full-length dress features a bodice-fit top with a form-fitting princess cut, accentuated by a button-up flap that covers the normal front lacing to create an asymmetrical design that flows to a hem spanning over ten feet. With a surround collar and side-laced closures, this graceful composition of (material) and simple, yet meticulous design makes it a convenient piece for most any occasion.

Cross-breasted Jerkin:
A (color) (material) cross-breasted jerkin. This close-fitting jacket features a cross-breasted design meant for swordplay and style. It exhibits a fashionable merger of fine lines and functionability allowing for movement and grace. It comes complete with (metal) hardware and matching button closures.

Holster Baldric:
A (color) leather holster baldric. It provides a comfortable and stylish way to arm oneself against enemies. A wide belted strap of (color) leather wraps diagonally across the front and back of the body and is secured by a (metal) buckle just at the chest. The holster itself rests against the wearer's left or right hip, depending upon which side they draw from.

V-cut Bodice:
A (color) (material) V-cut bodice. A definite must for any fencer or swordswoman, this garment boasts a V-cut on the front which rolls smoothly down to the rear and high sides to allow for maximum comfort and movement. The supple (color) (material) bodice fit is accentuated by a button-up flap that covers the normal front lacing making for a double-layered effect. It bears (variation) silken laces along the sides along with shiny (metal) grommets.

I think that's about all!
Thanks for your time and hopefully this will be something everyone enjoys!

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