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Old 11-27-2006, 11:36 AM
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OOC Public Posting

Originally posted by, Viceran
Seems a safe assumption that a page or IM of some kind happened, which in and of itself is fine, but suddenly having your character switch gears and leave a scene because of it is OOC crossover.

If you want your character to be included in something else, have things happen ICly to facilitate that - not an OOC page or IM from someone else, and then suddenly your character "knows" they need to go somewhere else.

Also - if you filed an assist for this already, it does seem like double jeopardy to bring it up here as well. If the other player screwed up then let the S*'s handle it, as we should obviously know that receiving an OOC page and then changing our characters actions is wrong.
Vice stated it quite well. This may have not been the best way to achieve a more productive result. It can be understood that players may feel upset by certain events; thus provoking them to bring it to the attention of community. However, we should consider how to approach situations in a beneficial sense, a way that will allow an opening for constructive exchange of ideas. When making a public post about something you feel upset with, it might help to keep the following in mind.

I.Try to veer away from making pointed accusations.
II.Express what you think could use improvements, how and why.
III.Mentioning of specific names and events that occurred In-character should be averted.
IV.Referancing to disagreements that have occurred between you and a specific player is better left to the Storyguides. You and those involved knows what happened, while others are receiving limited and bias information based from the point-of-view they are acquiring it. This only causes strife and hostility in our community, both do and can stunt the growth of our gaming environment becoming better.
V.Focus on some of the good points that occurred during the event; and build upon what they can add or how they can change the unsatisfing points.

Assumptions are prone to be made by any person; however, it does not mean it is absolutely infallible. Often, things in our prospective can be very obscured or abbreviated. It is helpful to wait until all sides have had the opportunity to explain their role in a situation before affirming it was an action of malcontent. Some information you may not have been aware of can be brought to your attention. Once accusations are made and people are offended, it is diffcult to erase, and you may permentantly damage the out-of-character atmosphere, which is just as important as the in-character environment, if not more.

Most of this I am sure is pretty obvious, but in light of the recent postings, I felt a gentle remember would not hurt.

If anyone does not find this at all constructive, than you have my sincerest apologizes.


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