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Old 01-04-2007, 08:57 PM
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Tahir says, "The boy's name Tahir is of Arabic origin, and its meaning is "pure"."
Tahir says, "I have no pants."
Woah, TonyD's like Roadstrom on crack. - Andrew's Ghost

I mean, how hilarious isn't the thought of a guard who gets off on animalistic behavior? - Kalle
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[OOC Page] to StoryHost Azrael: "I need to rename him."
Thompson leaves through the main area of the tavern.
[OOC Page] from StoryHost Azrael: "what up?"
A small gold skink approaches the main area of the tavern.
A small gold skink leaves through the main area of the tavern.
[OOC Page] from StoryHost Azrael: "ok. what to?"
[OOC Page] to StoryHost Azrael: "Lemme think"
StoryHost Azrael arrives.
StoryHost Azrael eyes you, "done."
> l me
You look at yourself.
Tinkerbell is a masculine mink, with short, smooth black fur, and short smooth black hair. He is carrying a string of prayer beads. He is wearing a belt and a tunic.
StoryHost Azrael examines you.
You eye StoryHost Azrael flatly.
You strangle StoryHost Azrael lovingly.
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Old 01-05-2007, 04:56 PM
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You hear a woman calling "Mommy!" from the eastern road.
A dead body bobs in the bay.


Wow, that timing is awful. >_>
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Garv smells you.

[Broadcast] "Time for an unusual request...could everyone please sniff the person next to them, and page azrael if they smell any numbers."
> Gemma allows you to hand her.
You approach Gemma.
You hand your oversized skeletal skull heavily to Gemma, "Hold onto this for me."

[Broadcast] "~Ironclaw Staff: Making your day more surreal."
sniff gemma
> You sniff Gemma.
Gemma smells of rabbit, armadillo, bear, cat, fish with a salty tang, floral scents, fox, honeysuckle, mustelid, raccoon, salt, spicy, grilled scents and wolf.
Alessa sniffs Rose.
Lucius sniffs himself.
Gemma smells herself.
Gemma moves from a stone bench to Rose.
Gemma smells Rose.
Lucius sniffs Moofius.
Rose sniffs Alessa.
Lok sniffs Alessa.
You allow Gemma to smell Garv.
Gemma moves from Rose to Garv.
A small brown skink arrives through an old door leading to the boarding house.
Gemma smells you.
You allow Naomi to sniff Garv.
Naomi approaches Garv.
Lok sniffs himself.
Naomi sniffs you.
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Old 01-05-2007, 07:56 PM
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Made a new "headshake" command. Received this commentary:

[OOC Page] from [Ekalah]: "Can I suggest a command I use rather often?"
[OOC Page] from [Ekalah]: "headdesk"
[OOC Page] from [Ekalah]: "You bang your head on the desk."
~StoryHost Death
Dragon Pieces

Originally Posted by Plato
Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.
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Old 01-06-2007, 02:15 AM
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*headdesk* ;0)
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Gather around kids! It is story time with Uncle Lucius!

Naomi runs to you.

Naomi climbs onto your lap.
Naomi sits down on your lap snugly.

You pat Naomi's head twice.

You look at Naomi.
Naomi is a short chubby raccoon cub with medium flowing black hair. She is carrying a white faux fur seamstress doll. She is wearing a shimmering pink quartz pendant, a rounded ecru quartz pendant, a pair of pearl shoes, a purple rose, a pink satin dress and a bright blue suede satchel.
Naomi taps your iron breastplate, "My daddy has one likes that."

You rumble to Naomi, "Lucius bets he does. Naomi kid's Dad good fighter?"

Naomi nods to you, "He's the bestest ever."

You grin at Naomi then, "Good. Keep Naomi safe."
Naomi nods to you, "He fought all the monsters from my bed."
You raise your heavy eyebrows, "All? At once? Even Lucius run from bed monster!"
Naomi giggles at you, "Weally?"
You nod surely to Naomi, "One time, Lucius fighting bed monters and thought could win. Even got one! Lucius not having sword, so put hands on either side of bed monster's head and squeeze! Head go Pop! Then there bed monster brains all over Lucius, blood everywhere! But fifty more bed monsters come out and they mad! Lucius had to run and hide!"
Naomi giggles at you.
Naomi asks you, "Whatid you do?"
You ponder briefly.
You admit to Naomi, "Lucius was screaming like little girl cub, waving hands over head. Brains dripping into eyes. Bed monsters right behind! Lucius jumped in lake!"
Ryan peeks at you.
You explain further, "Bed monsters can't swim."
Naomi asks you, "Why lake?"
You tell Naomi obviously, "River too cold."
Naomi snuggles into your lap securely.
Naomi asks you, "Why? Did thats stops them?"
You pet Naomi's medium black hair, "Oh yes. Lucius swim far out and Bed monsters at bank, yelling about what they goin."
You add, "Do to Lucius when they get him. Tell Lucius that they treat him like what men do to other men in prison. Then they throw rocks. After few hours they leave."
Naomi asks you, "Dids they go backs to your bed?"
You nod again to Naomi, "But Lucius burn down house."
Naomi asks you, "Why?"
Naomi peers at you again, "Why dided you burns down your home? Didn't that make your mommy sad?"
You shrug to Naomi, "That way all monsters dead. Lucius almost forgot to wake Mommy, but he remember, and she sad at first, but then start to beat Lucius with last pot that didn't burn and that make her smile."
Naomi giggles at you, "Did she hurted you?"
You grin at Naomi, "Broke parts of Lucius sure, but Lucius heal good."
Mia throws her arms around Warrane's neck suddenly, "It's really you! He must be so big now!"
Warrane embraces Mia warmly.
Warrane carefully avoids Mia with his copper rapier, "he is, and he misses his MOther."
Mia kisses Warrane's face everywhere, "Your father said you were dead and I wouldn't listen to him and finally I left, and I hoped you'd find me here."
Mia rambles nonstop about nothing for a while.
Warrane smiles gently, "You're what's kept us going all these years."
Naomi peeks at Gemma.
You peek at Warrane and Mia, "Lucius glad you 'live. If Lucius was you, he'd grab pretty wife and drag to bed room. No waiting!"
Mia securely attaches herself to Warrane's chest.
Mia hears you unfamiliarly.
Mia uncharacteristically reddens her cheeks.
OOC -- Mia says to you, "*dies laughing*"
Naomi asks you, "Do you have many monsters under your beds now?"
You mention to Warrane also, "Prob'ly been 'while. If need tips, ask Lucius. Lucius been to cat house lots of times."
Mia completely flushes at her cheeks.
Warrane simply holds Mia.
Warrane tells you assuredly, "To hold her after years of not is's what I've longed for for so long."
Mia buries her face in Warrane's chest anyway.
You nod unbelievingly to Warrane, "Sure. But naked holding always better."
Warrane kisses Mia's right temple gently.
Warrane strokes Mia's waist-length white hair.
You shake your head to Naomi, "Nope. One that didn't die in fire came at Lucius, this was monster with six arms, but they all burned stubbs, with pus. So Lucius just kick him between legs and then jump on head."
Naomi giggles at you, "Dids that get rid of hims?"
You grin at Naomi, "Lucius did. Jumped till nothing left but stain. Can still see in Lucius' room even!"
Naomi asks you, "Weally? Is it big?"
You nod to Naomi, "Is, but faint."
Naomi asks you, "Why?"
You answer Naomi distractedly, "Many years old, and not many things die in Lucius room anymore. Now he just take ladies there."
Naomi asks you, "Why do you take ladies to your room?"
You turn to Naomi again, "Lucius guesses you old 'nough to hear 'bout it...."
You furrow your forehead thoughtfully, "How to 'splain...."
Naomi listens curiously to you.
Naomi asks you curiously, "Why do yous take them there? I wanna know."
You ramble slowly, "Most of time, Lucius give ladies money, that what they do for job, and then they let Lucius do anything, but sometimes, like with Vivi, Lucius just give gifts. That actually cost more then other way, and not get to do -anything- but somehow still good. Lucius take lady to room and tear off clothes..."
Naomi asks you, "Why do you rips there clothes?"
--Thomas King--Lucius--
"Well I Ain't Evil, I'm Just Good Lookin' "
Alice Cooper
"This Is Beetle, Is As Bad As Can"
"It takes guts to run away, you know. Lots of people would be as cowardly as me if they were brave enough"
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Gemma covers Naomi's expressive ears with her slender hands decidedly.
Naomi peers at you still.
Gemma glimpses to you then.
Gemma attemptingly blocks your words from Naomi's expressive ears.
Naomi wiggles her expressive ears freely.
You explain to Naomi, "'Cause best parts of ladies under clothes... but that not best part, just getting there."
Naomi asks you, "Why?"
You frown at Gemma, "Just teaching!"
Dorcas hears you.
Dorcas smiles at you, "Always educating the young, eh?"
Naomi asks you, "Whats the bestest part."
You nod surely to Dorcas, "Lucius like to help."
You turn your gaze to Naomi.
Naomi peers at you still.
Gemma attemptingly distracts Meepers' attention from Bree, "Meepers?"
You list to Naomi carefully, "Well, best part is hard, many good parts of ladies...."
Dorcas suggests to you, "The tail is always nice to look at, no?"
OOC -- You say, "*laugh* How far are you guys going to let him get? I thought I would have been stopped ten minutes ago."
Meepers turns her sharp silver eyes to Gemma, "Yes love?"
Gemma raises her voice to Meepers impatiently, "Meepers, Lucius is teaching your daughter about what he does to women in his bedroom!"
OOC -- Naomi says to you, "Best part is her mother not even realising!"
Naomi asks you, "What's that?"
You peek at Dorcas, "Under tail better."
Meepers turns her sharp silver eyes sharply to you, "You will stop now!!!"
Dorcas nods to you knowingly, "Heat."
Bree rumbles to you aside, "Little cub not ready for mating talk."
Naomi asks Dorcas, "What's heat?"
You grin at Naomi, "Well, Lucius likes the...what would kid know them as.."
You nod then, "Boobies, they fun."
Dorcas laughs at your words agreeingly.
Naomi asks you, "WHy?"
Dorcas grins helplessly, "Boobies."
Meepers glances at you, "Lucius please."
You wiggle your strong hands showingly, "Fun to bounce."
Dorcas adds, "Something to hold on too."
You hear Meepers belatedly, "Huh?"
Dorcas cups his strong hands demonstratively.
Naomi asks you, "Why?"
Meepers says to you, "Stop talking about such things."
Bree says to you (in Bear), "Little cub maybe ready for talk in few more years, Lucius-bear."
You glance between Meepers and Bree, "But Lucius was this small when he learn!"
Gemma raises her right fine eyebrow at you slightly, "You were SMALL?"
Dorcas nods to you, "I believe we were taught so as to promote procreation."
Gemma eyes you disbelievingly, "Yeah, right..."
Dorcas grins slightly, "Lots of practice back then."
OOC -- Naomi says to you, "lol. I always have the most...unusual conversations with Lucius"
Bree rumbles to you, "So was Bree but other kind teach at different time."
You shrug to Gemma, "Lucius used to be real small. Could even fit through most doors!"
Gemma smirks slightly at you, "Wow, impressive..."
Naomi tells you, "I can fit through every door but I'm nots little."
OOC -- You say to Naomi, "I think everyone does. I have to put on my demented hat to play Luc"
OOC -- Naomi says, "You're not like this normally? :P"
OOC -- Gemma says to Naomi, "My thoughts exactly."
OOC -- You say, "*innocently* Nope, I am normally a very calm and polite person"
OOC -- Naomi says, "....that likes to pop people's heads off and watch the blood run out"
You tell Naomi frowningly, "Story time done, but sneak to Lucius sometime soon and he teach you rest. Don't be telling Mommy Meep."
Naomi nods to you, "Okie Dokie."
Bree chuckles amusedly.
Naomi asks you, "Can I tell Daddy?"
You ponder, "Lucius see no harm in that."
Naomi nods, "I'll go tell daddy wight away."
With a faint gulp, you empty your mead.
Meepers disapprovingly glances at you, "I heard that and no you won't and if she comes to me with a head load of male bear idea of the facts of life...I will see to it that your head is removed from your body. I mean it!! That is mine and Garv's job not yours."
You blink at Meepers.
You flatten your round ears.
Meepers appears protective of Naomi.
You rumble to Meepers sheepishly, "Lucius just helping."
Bree tilts her head somewhat, "Lucius-bear is Lieutenant of soldiers?"
Meepers says to Bree, "Yea makes me worry too."
Meepers says to you, "And I will tell Moofius on you."
You grin at Meepers then, "Thank you! Lucius been trying to show that he can help with kiddies! Moofius can give tips too!"
You stand up slowly.
Meepers says to you, "No I intend to arrange to have your head remove."
You roll your sharp steel grey eyes at Meepers, "Silly Meep. Not many can reach that high."
Gemma mentions to you aside, "If she stood on my shoulders, she might reach."
You peek at Gemma, "Maybe. But sword swing would be all wobbly."
You shrug uncaringly.
Gemma turns her bright brown eyes to you then, "Wonder what she'd do with your head anyway..."
You grin at Gemma, "If Meep kill Lucius? Would carry in wheelbarrow and show to everyone! People been trying to kill Lucius for long time. As far as Lucius knows, no one done it!"
You bow your head to the east commons, "Lucius be back later."
--Thomas King--Lucius--
"Well I Ain't Evil, I'm Just Good Lookin' "
Alice Cooper
"This Is Beetle, Is As Bad As Can"
"It takes guts to run away, you know. Lots of people would be as cowardly as me if they were brave enough"
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*smirk* Reminds me of when Senora asked Harold about the 'cat house' as well as when she wanted to know why the skinny dipping pony was 'bigger' than the streaking bear.
Senora Delgado
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You examine your two exotic grains.
You put two exotic grains in a bronze-bound trunk.
Loki glances at a bronze-bound trunk, "Wha was that?"
You say, "The grains?"
You shrug, "Some sort of illicit drug."
Loki nods aside to you, "Yea."
Loki tilts his head, "Oh."
You shrug, "I don't know what it does. Try one and see."
Loki blinks then at you, "Why do -I- have to be the one to try it?"

OOC -- You say, "Ah, such responsible policing"

Loki takes an exotic grain from a bronze-bound trunk.
You look at Loki, "Because I outrank you."

OOC -- Loki says, "lmao seriously"

Loki examines his exotic grain.
Loki sniffs his exotic grain slightly.
Loki twitches his flat nose slightly.

You watch Loki.
Loki eyes you aside.

You ask, "You going to try it or just hold it all day?"

Loki tells you firstly, "Lock the door, I dont want to end up running around the city starkers."

You move from a bronze-bound trunk to a solid wooden door.
You close a solid wooden door.
There is a click from a solid wooden door
Loki eyes his exotic grain again.
Loki sighs dramatically to you, "The things I do for my job."
Loki grins anyway.
Loki pops his exotic grain into his cruel mouth.
Loki eats an exotic grain and his eyes begin to glaze over.

You mutter, "Sheesh. You don't -have- to try it."
Loki sweats alot.
Loki shivers slightly.
You watch Loki.
You comment, "Probably should have eaten it -after- we got all this work done."

Loki groans throatily, "Ooo that is nice..."
Loki staggers briefly.
Loki glimpses aside at you.
Loki stumbles against a bronze-bound trunk.
You ask, "Any good?"
Loki staggers uncontrollably.

Loki moves from a bronze-bound trunk to the stone floor.
Loki eventually collapses to the stone floor.
You eye Loki.
Loki laughs to himself, "Niicee.."
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Whie asks you, "Yeh'urt, mis'er'ab't?"
You blink at Whie, "Wha?"
Whie repeats, "Yeh'urt?"
Tahir asks Whie (in Rodent), "Can you speak rodent a moment good mouse?"
Tahir asks Whie then (in Rodent), "Can you repeat what you said in Rodent?"
Whie nods to Tahir (in Rodent), "Yes, I prefer the noble language of our kind, but these others can't understand it, and my accent makes it hard to communicate with them."
Whie then tells Tahir (in Rodent), "I asked the rabbit if he was hurt."
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Ryan waves to Gaetano, "I'm learning to count."

Ryan tells Gaetano proudly, "Six. Twelves."

Gaetano nods, "Six twlves is-a....72, no?"

Ryan blinks at Gaetano.

You tell Ryan, "Once you learn numbers, there's all kinds of tricks you can do with them. What he just said is a trick called multiplication."

Ryan asks you, "Isn't multiplying like sex?"

Gaetano chuckles, "Only if-a you's not good at multiplying."

You shake your head at Ryan briefly, "Multiplying is easier to do and much quicker than sex."

Ryan grumbles, "Doesn't sound like it's BETTER though."
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Fodi nods to Xavios, "But, doesn't dating lead to marriage?"

Xavios tells Fodi, " Bu' ifin thing' dunna go yer way...imma as' 'er mahself."
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Old 01-10-2007, 06:54 PM
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> OOC -- You say to StoryMinion Morana's cut head, "Awww...staff fighting?"

> You look at StoryMinion Morana's cut head.
A head. It has a slight cut and a small cut.

StoryMinion Morana shakes her cut head, "Just Az being Az."

------Stop bullying your staff, Az!------------
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I feel special.

[OOC Page] to StoryMinion Morana: "Don't mind the naked wolf running by"

[OOC Page] to StoryMinion Morana: "I should do a public service announcement. THIS is what happens when you forget to @home"

[Broadcast] "Remember when you buy new rooms at the boarding house, type: @home when inside the room, so that when you log off you awaken in your new rooms and not back in your own Tavern Rooms! Save yourself from those little embarrassing moments where you have to run nake through the Tavern and Boarding House Lobby just to get to your clothes "


Someone walks in and asks Rose if she's seen Josh. This happens:

Simply Fowler recommends to Dazrene, "Jailhouse. A common locale for coppers."

You ask Simply Fowler, "Coppers?"

You blink, "Oh."

You flush helplessly

You shake your head, "I've been around to many blacksmiths. Copper...coppers."

OOC -- You say to Simply Fowler, "I can have one blonde moment a day thank you"

[Broadcast] "Let it be known that blonde moments are perfectly acceptable ~ StoryPlotter Quo"
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