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Old 07-14-2002, 09:35 AM
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Blinding lights

A faint glow surrounds Madja as he glances around, shrugging as he mumbles something, glancing at the figure before him warily.

"What do you mean you sent me back twice..? I dont remember any vampire. I dont think I want to, though."

"I grow impatient. You either go back, or you dont."

"I dont want to go back, though. Nothings down there for me.."

"Very well. I'll grant you passage back to the land.. but you will have no memory of your past, nor will you be haunting the land.. for that part will be up to you to do once more."

"Wait, what's that suppose to mean? ..Are you sure I cant just... stay here?"

A teleportation erupts the morning sky, and a faint form begins to plummet from high above, slipping past the surface of the body of water, but not disturbing it.
Pssht. Grendel's got nothing on me.
Old 07-14-2002, 10:00 AM
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[Success: 5, Roll: 42] Using the flat of your tin gladius's blade, you swat at a rock crab. CRITICAL HIT! A strong blow to the abdomen. You hear a breaking sound.

[Success: 12, Roll: 77] Using the flat of your tin gladius's blade, you swat at a fluvitur pup. CRITICAL HIT! Painful hit to the left hind leg. You hear something shatter!

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