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Old 07-03-2002, 03:10 AM
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What Does Not Kill...

Fellow Grendelites of the Social sect, i represent a clan that has survived a defection ( The Requiem of Infinity). while this may not be much, we have done quite well for children straight from Grendel's grand being. This is a plea if you will, our ranks have been ripped asunder, and what we have left is now in order. We are getting raided from those accursed uglies, and seem to be failing when it comes to protection against the magnitudes (usually of 9) that raid us. So if any of you are without clan, no matter caste, please join us. So that we may one day return to our former state of grandeur, mayhaps even surpass it.

Our heaviest need is currently

Chimera Builder

The only requirment is that you acknowledge your surperiors when they give you an order. Honeslt,y the only time we are "pushy" is during a time of a raid, by Wanderer or the accursed uglies.

~Millenia Seraphim~
~Foreign Minister and acting Head of State for the Requiem of Infinity~

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