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Old 05-16-2012, 01:21 PM
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Graduate Classes

It was noticed last registration session, anyone could sign up for some of the graduate classes. While this wasn't something that would break the game, it didn't make sense for freshmen to be able to sign up for field studies. Not unless they were a genius in the field.

To explain, if your skill is Average (4) or less, then you can take an undergraduate class and at the end, your skill can advance. Graduate classes can take you even higher. Taking a graduate class when you are average or below does not offer you any real advantage, except potentially unique RP. So now, all graduate level classes should require at least an average skill level. Some require higher.

But if the skill that you wish to improve is at good (5), then you should not gain any benefit from taking an undergraduate course.

Additional tweaks to classes or prerequisites may be coming, but it is a long list and working too long on it makes me ill to my stomach. Should anyone like to request an additional class or anything related to the subject of the classes, please use the @idea command.
-StoryHost Xios
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