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Old 04-23-2012, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Euphelia View Post
First: There's lots happening. It just isn't happening on the top of the surface of the big wet puddle that is Marrach. Dammit, dude, you have a freaking duel with White? That's pretty freaking awesome. Work it! Create a good acrimonious relationship. Turn your friends against him and other Weasels because of it.

You have the tools in your hands. Stop asking people what you should build and just do it. Start creating.
While I know it wasn't yours or anyone's intention, I'm going to point out that I resent the implication that difficulty getting interested in the game is due to incompetence.

That said -- I mean yes, there's lot's happening, to some degree. On the other end, there are plenty of hours in Marrach with literally nothing to do - two or three people to interact with. You can only do so much. Really though, this is all a moot point because,

This game is a socializing game. The main story is the social aspect of surviving in the Winter Court with its many, many layers and webs of politics. I feel comfortable in saying that's the most visible backbone.

That means socializing, chatting, involvement. Unless you do that to some extent, enough of an extent to find yourself a niche and make yourself connections, you won't be involved in the other things that happen.
I've come to realize that my gripes seem to be with the game structure itself, not necessarily any fault with its execution. There are some things I play a game for, and some things I think are better done RL. It may be that Marrach simply isn't for me.
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