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Old 10-21-2011, 08:57 PM
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Introducing: A Game of Grunts

A Game of Grunts

What is ďA Game of GruntsĒ?

A Game of Grunts is an official Grendelís Revenge forum game, hosted by a Grendelís Revenge staff member. In ĎA Game of Gruntsí (GoFG), participants will play over a virtual Uthgol in a conquest-style game, controlling an army of grunts to attack, defend, and conquer locations.

Why should I play?

A Game of Grunts may take place in the forums, but the outcomes of all battles will affect GR itself. All participating clans will receive a War Chest in their lair on the first floor (at a location your clan designates). All WMs will have a War Chest placed within their den. Those who are victorious in battle will see treasure deposited into this War Chest. If you conquer enough locations, or specific locations, you can expect to see rare and powerful enchantments appearing in your War Chests.

Note: War Chests can be opened by anyone, regardless of affiliation. When choosing the location for your War Chest, make sure itís guarded well!

How do I play?

To begin, PM the GoFG host ( Pence ) with the character you want to use for the game, using the forum account you wish to play the game with. Note that your characterís role, stats, level, abilities, and roleplay style/history may affect your army. Also note that you do not need a paid Skotos account to play A Game of Grunts.

A Game of Grunts is played in phases. At the start of each phase, a new post will be made in this forum with the current status of of the campaign. Each phase is comprised of three turns, which will also have a summary of the campaign. At the end of each turn, certain effects will take place, depending on the locations you have currently conquered. A turn is also a staging point for battle, and all battles will take place within a turn using rounds. You may only give orders during a 'turn'.

Put simply, a phase will begin with a new post, and immediately after, the first turn will start. At this point all participants will be instructed to PM their orders to the GoFG host ( Pence ), and then the first round will begin. All battle results will be posted instead of PMed.
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