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Old 03-14-2003, 02:51 PM
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Race Descriptions

Welcome to Pandora's Box Race Descriptions.

Currently the only allowed player character races are-

Nymphs- Tree and Water

Monsters, Panes, Automotons, Cloud nymphs, Giants, etc. are all restricted characters limited to moderators and contributors. This restriction is subject to change as Pandora's Box grows.


The Centaurs are a race of half-horse half-human hunter-gatherers. What they lack in civilization by human standards, they more than make up for with brute strength and horse-sense. Centaurs are by no means dull or dim-witted, they just lack the advanced tools and weaponry the humans have developed in their bellicose pursuits. Some centaurs have bull horns on their head- they are of a different lineage, but are centaurs nonetheless. There are both male and female Centaurs.

Role-playing Centaurs

Currently bull-horned Centaurs are restricted to moderators and contributors as they are the children of Zeus and their culture will be distinct from more common Centaurs. When role-playing a Centaur, you are encouraged to keep in mind that culturally your character would be brought up to be very practical, and due to the more primal nature of this race, your body language is likely to be more expressive. Posturing will be important in your interactions with others, and the fact that you have to look down on most other races may affect how you perceive them.


The Satyrs (not to be confused with Fauns or Panes) are a race renowned for orgiastic behavior and unquellable humor. They have the bodies of men, but adorned with ox horns, ass ears, and a horse tail. Most are exceptionally hairy, usually in hues of red or brown. They are of especially quick wit and take delight in needling the incessantly practical Centaurs. Much to their chagrin even the best of them can't out-drink a Centaur, though they certainly spend many of their nights trying (with or without the presence of Centaurs to test themselves against). There are no female Satyrs.

Role-playing Satyrs

During these dark times even the Satyrs humors have been affected, turning wry. Many take it upon themselves to entertain and lift the spirits of others, acting as bards or priests. As such, you are encouraged as role-players to reflect their nature through clever turns of phrase, outrageous behavior, and encouraging whatever revelry you can. However, you have the unique difficulty of making sure that such behavior is appropriate. Getting on other character's nerves does not lift their spirits (except maybe the Centaurs) and may ultimately cause the dampening of your spirits by the ill will of others.

Though it is in character for Satyrs to behave lecherously and even obscenely towards nymphs (and most other females), please keep in mind that as players you are responsible not to harass each other, and you aren't the one who ultimately judges whether you've gone too far.


Humans are renowned for being as petty and selfish as the gods that made them. During these dark times they have fallen to squabbling amongst themselves and are a growing threat to all who encounter them. Culturally Troy has already fallen and Sappho has not yet even been born. The Doric invasion has scattered some of the Greeks, settling colonies even as far away as Asia Minor (Turkey).

Role-playing Humans

Currently players are restricted to Greek human characters (Assyrian, Libyan, Egyptian, Dorian, and other peoples are restricted to moderators and contributors). Please keep in mind that Greek mythology was just as much a religion to the Greeks as Christian and Hebrew mythology are still religions to the Christians and Jews. There will probably be a similar spectrum of people among that culture- those who embrace religion, those who reject it, those who fear it, those who try to twist it to their own ends, etc.

Of all the races, humans enjoy the most subtlety and diversity in their behaviors. Please feel free to be subtle... and diverse. The Dorians are the only humans with widespread adoption of iron at this time and they have been invading and immigrating into Greece. Try to keep in mind how your character might react to this new threat.

For the sake of this game, women are assumed to be independent and equal- this will change as the game grows to be more accommodating of cultures and role-play where women are not independent and equal, should this type of role-play be wanted. Rest assured, however, that these details will be explicitly specified and there will always be an avenue for playing independent and equal female characters.


Nymphs are the manifest forms of nature. There are nymphs for trees, rivers, seas, lakes, clouds, breezes, and a smattering of more obscure manifestations. They look human and are almost universally considered beautiful by the other races, though their appearances differ based on what they are formed from.

Role-playing Nymphs

Currently players are limited to tree and water nymphs. Nymphs are more challenging characters in that their behavior is largely dictated by interpreting how to represent what they are- be it a tree, or a pool. Calling a water-nymph cool or a tree-nymph wooden would not be insults nor necessarily understood. Some nymphs interact with the other races more 'normally' but usually in limited circumstances, like joining Bacchai (as normal as that might be considered). As nymphs experience more of the world, their interactions will slowly grow more worldly and less awkward. Nymphs have the additional challenge of dealing with unusual amounts of attention from men (which they might not always understand).

The players will be given freedom to develop the nuances of Centaur and Human culture through their writing- however, they must remain faithful to the game-world.

Genevra will be the ultimate authority on the nuances of Nymph culture. All player characters should know that if they are playing a tree-nymph, they are a tree that has abandoned their tree form in order to wander or run. Uprooting was a painful, arduous process. They have the ability to root themselves again, but for simplicity's sake this is limited to experienced role-players approved by Genevra or a moderator.

Likewise Crallhorn will be the ultimate authority on the nuances of Satyr culture, and any questions regarding the nature, behavior, features, or limits of Satyrs in the gameworld should be directed to him.

Please note that this document is not final, and subject to change.

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