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Old 03-14-2003, 02:45 PM
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Character Creation

Welcome to Pandora's Box Character Creation.

The world of Pandora's Box is one of Greek high fantasy. This, I hope, will be reflected in our plots, our writing, and, of course, our characters.

As such I strongly recommend refreshing your knowledge of Greek mythos before creating a character to play here. The Theoi Project is a great resource for these purposes. You also need to read the description of the game-world.

To ensure the coherency of this game-world, I will be requiring a character approval process. To submit a character for approval, please send me private messages by clicking on the numbers below. Each character will require 3 private messages.

1 is the character's race and description.
2 is the character's history.
And finally, 3, is the list of answers to these questions-
  1. What are your goals for your character?
  2. What are your character's goals?
  3. What motivates your character?
  4. What is your character's most prized possession?
  5. What relationship does/will/did your character consider most important?
  6. What 5 words best describe your character?
  7. What, if anything, would your character consider a mortal insult?
  8. What is your character's age?
  9. Does your character worship the gods? If so, which gods?
  10. What does your character think of death and the afterlife?
  11. What are your character's talents? Rate them sequentially by strength.
  12. How many years experience does your character have and with what professions/hobbies/pursuits?
  13. Does your character pursue magic? fame? nobility?
  14. How does your character's physical appearance reflect their strengths and/or weaknesses?

After I have a chance to review your application, I will send you a private message with either your approval, or a request for further clarification of your application. Once approved you will need to register a forum ID in your character's name for posting your character's interactions. If you have any troubles with registering your character's name, please make sure I know which name goes with which character application.

Once character creation is finished, feel free to start a new thread here in tthe Storytellers forum using your character's forum ID. Please be sure to specify if your character is in the Wilderness of Europa, the City of Darrilios, the Village of Alormis, or on the Aegean.

Please note that this document is not final, and subject to change.

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