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Old 03-14-2003, 02:38 PM
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Welcome to Pandora's Box

Welcome to Pandora's Box.

Pandora's Box is a new Greek high-fantasy play-by-post (PBP) RPG/collaborative story-board developed by members of the Skotos community (through the contributions of Vladmir, Shade, and I). You may be familiar with PBP role-play through the role-play games on GE:H, or through other offerings found throughout the 'net. Basically each Player/writer posts pieces of stories of what they intend their character to do, and moderators mediate interaction with the game-world and other players.

Here is an example of the kind of interaction you might work for:

There was no rain. A warm wind buffeted against dark, angry clouds threatening lightning and hail. Alarmed trees heard the summer storm's intentions, leaves bristling briefly before whispering among themselves- unfooled by a sudden calm. Others heeded their warning and the woodland endured a disturbing peace as its creatures sheltered where they could. Birds caged themselves in prisons of bushes, rodents escaped into burrows of dry earth or wood, and even larger things purchased safety if they could manage it.
Including a solitary hunter negotiating for a tangle of tree-roots.
The dry air smelled of dirt and broken leaves, a scent lacking the richness of loam or fragrant undergrowth or the sea. Suddenly Kaile grew homesick, not for another place, but for another time- a time lacking the desperation and hunger. Even so, he knew he must push on- if he survives the storm.
Atlas shrugged and the heavens stoned the earth for some unknown adultery. Peace became carnage as the hail scarred plant and animal flesh alike.

Kaile succeeded in purchasing his shelter- but its price was high. She and her sisters had grown thirsty, the punishment of drought weakening her to the point that insects sought to consume her. He would have to seek the help of a nearby stream and tend to their wounds. Such is the price of his keep, his safety.

Around him other creatures did not fare so well. For a few, death brought peace and freedom from their pain and suffering. The voices of the trees around him cracked and groaned of their aches.
If this sounds like something you'd be interested in- please, come join us by submitting a character description as detailed in this thread. I am the game's author, Vladmir and I are the game's developers and moderators, and Shade is a contributor. We thank Skotos and Shannon for graciously permitting us the use of the StoryTellers forum to carry out this experiment. Since this is not an official Skotos offering, I encourage you to send any questions, comments, critiques, praise, or adulation to me.
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