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Old 03-01-2012, 08:50 AM
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Recently there have been some questions about housing and I thought this might be the best way to try and address the system and get any discussion about the system started. I will point out that some source material has women living in Upman hall until they get married. That is NOT a requirement I would expect nor is it how the housing system works currently.

Townies: These are people that have either quit school or graduated. Once you are a townie, you can leave the dorms and move into the boarding house. It isn't a pretty housing situation and there is a shared bathroom but at least you are out of the dorms.

Upperclassmen: Once a junior (12 credits) you should be able to check out of the dorm. You want to take everything out of your room before moving and can look at the in-game help files to remind yourself of this fact. Upperclassmen can also move into the boarding house if they wish. While I could see making some other options available such as opening the west dorm or upper floors of the dorm that might have nicer rooms, that is not currently high on my list of projects that need to be done.

Graduates: For those that have made it through undergrad (24 credits), you can move into the Chelsea Apartments. These are much nicer housing that include multiple rooms.

I have made a few exceptions recently for those I see playing frequently. I am certainly open to discussion if you feel your character should get a housing upgrade earlier. As long as it is within reason. Remember this is a university of spoiled rich kids. So unless your parent is the president of the united states ... scratch that. The kid of the president would still need to live in a dorm their freshman year.

As I've already mentioned, there may eventually be some additional housing options added. You will see there are other boarding houses, frat houses, apartments and individual homes all around the campus. At the moment, there are systems I would rather see improved than housing. As always, do file an assist with any questions that you might have and I will endevour to respond promptly.
-StoryHost Xios
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