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Old 03-14-2003, 02:59 PM
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Game-World Description

Welcome to Pandora's Box Game-World Description.

The game-world of Pandora's box is one of ancient Greece at approx. 900 BC. I have taken the artistic liberties of including the appearance of the Delphic Oracle a century or two before her time and pushed back the adoption of iron a century or two to give a bronze age flavor. The Achaeans have already been absorbed by the Greek people after their invasion. The Assyrians have retaken Mesopotamia, Egypt is in its 22nd dynasty, and the Dorians are invading Greece with superior weapons and tools of iron. Troy has already fallen but the Olympic games have yet to start and Sappho has not even yet been born. Greek colonization has spread across the Aegean to include Asia Minor and during these dark ages comes the emergence of the city-states. To give an idea of perspective, Pandora's Box is based in a time roughly a millennium before when TEC is based, and roughly two millennia before Castle Marrach is based, give or take a couple/few centuries.

Pandora's Box is a world of high-fantasy. This does not mean elves or dwarves or hobbits or halflings, but rather it emphasizes the fantastic elements of Greek Mythos- heroes, monsters, gods, long sea voyages, and magic. As such, there are some things you should know:

Attracting the attention of the gods is not a good thing. Most interaction with the gods leads to death, disfigurement, eternal torture, or becoming a constellation. If your character is an exceptionally beautiful female, woe is you if you attract the attention of Zeus. I strongly suggest running to the temple of Hera as quickly as possible, screaming her name if necessary, because the one thing worse than the attention of a lecherous god is the attention of a jealous goddess.

Know enough about Greek mythology that you're not caught unaware by something your character should know. If your character is an exceptionally careless male, woe is you if you get seduced with wine and sex by the Bacchoi- because they might eat you. A good place to educate yourself on the Greek Mythos is the Theoi Project.

Pandora's Box is currently limited to the setting of the city of Darrilios north of Mt. Olympia and near the sea, the village of Alormis further inland, the wilderness of Europa, and the Aegean. As Pandora's Box grows, so will the world in which we play.

For now no player characters will have magic- it is restricted to moderators and contributors. This will change as the game matures and we get a better feeling for the pace and flavor of the interaction we have to look forward to.

Please note that this document is not final, and subject to change.

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