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Old 06-20-2002, 05:58 PM
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Crafters' Guidelines

The Crafters' Guidelines

Each group of Crafters has their own separate guidelines to ordering and using their products. These guidelines are mandatory to follow, though exceptions can be made for special occasions, depending on the circumstances.

The resource listed below will describe in full detail all the guidelines set forth by the Crafters of the Castle.

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The Treasury Coin System

*Put here so no one will ever lose it*

How the coin system works:

A system for those who host, and attend functions throughout the Castle

These events include:
Socials (OB & IB)
Meetings (IB)
Tournaments (OB & IB)
Practices (IB)
Lectures [unrelated to a guild or group] (OB & IB),
Other events

How many coins you will receive:

Host of an event - 20 tokens + 2 tokens for each in attendance
Two hosts - 2 tokens for each in attendance + 15 tokens apiece
More than Two Hosts - 2 Tokens for each in attendance + 10 tokens a piece
Crafters who assist - 5 Tokens
Attending event - 1 token

Responsibilities of hosts:
Inform members of the Royal Treasury (sera Sabrial or sera Rayna) that an event will be occurring and when it shall be held.
If a member of the Treasury is not present - please provide sera Sabrial with an attendance list and note who hosted and who assisted and in what way they assisted

What to do with the coins:
Trade the coins for items at the Royal Vault openings.
The Royal Vault will be opening in the coming moon
Coins can be used once a moon
Coins can be traded with others
Coins can be returned if the are unwanted.

Items to be obtained with coins:

Simple Lantern - 80 coins
Light catcher - 80 coins
Wind chimes - 80 coins
Scroll box (tan) - 100 coins
Small music box - 140 coins
Comfortable chair (leather, brass rivets) - 200 coins
Overstuffed floor cushions (blue, green, red, white, black) - 275 coins
Medium music box/jewelry box - 400 coins
Carpets - 425 coins
Tapestry - 700 coins

Toys and Games
Yo-Yo - 25 coins
Spinning top - 25 coins
Single die (red, organe, green, blue, purple, white, black) - 50 coins
Stuffed Animals (random selection) - 50 coins
Hand puppet (random selection) - 50 coins
Single die (cerulean) - 100 coins
Deck of Tarot Cards - 100 coins
Deck of playing cards - 100 coins
Chessboard - 450 coins

Personal Care Items
Brush (wooden, oak, suitable for personal use, not hairstyling) - 25 coins
Comb (wooden, oak, suitable for personal use, not hairstyling) - 25 coins
Brush (silver, engraved, suitable for personal use, not hairstyling) - 300 coins
Comb (silver, engraved, suitable for personal use, not hairstyling) - 300 coins
Small silver mirror - 300 coins

Candle - 15 coins
Map of Inner Bailey - 100 coins
Map of Outer Bailey - 100 coins
Single rose (red or white) - 100 coins
Hunting horn - 100 coins
Map of Inner and Outer Bailey - 150 coins
Gold emblazoned stag coin - 175 coins
Telescope (brass) - 200 coins
Resevoir pens (random selection) - 300 coins
Pan flute (made of reeds, woven, engraved) - 400 coins
Cigar box (10 count) - 600 coins

Foods and Drinks
Coffee mugs (coffee w/cream, coffee w/ cream and sugar, chocolate)* - 50 coins
Tea mugs (light green, pomegranate and blueberry, rich spic)* - 50 coins
Goblet (Replenishing) - 450 coins
Candy dish (Self-Replenishing) - 550 coins
Box of chocolate (10 count) - 590 coins
Drink tray (Self-replenishing) - 750 coins
Brandy (bottle) - 800 coins
Limited reserve wines (Bottle, Merlot, Champagne, Sercial) - 800 coins
Elven wine (bottle) - 850 coins
* Teas and coffees are refillable from a special reserve with the mugs the Treasury distributes only at a bartender.

Ring with Royal insignia - 75 coins
Brooch with Royal insignia - 80 coins
Necklace with Royal insignia - 90 coins
Bracers with Royal insignia - 125 coins
Memory necklace (Selection to commemorate Lady Berthe or Lord Myler) - 130 coins
Black signet ring (wax and candle) - 250 coins
Sparkling necklaces (random selection) - 300 coins

Clothing Items
Writ of Higher Order (One piece of Honored Guest clothing for formal events) - 75 coins
Confetti pouch (Red, orange, green, blue, purple, white, black) - 90 coins
Writ of Higher Order (One piece of Courtier clothing for formal events) - 140 coins
Writ of Higher Order (One piece of Knight clothing for formal events) - 350 coins
Ribbon-weave cape (Blue, green, red, white, black) - 500 coins
Ribbon-weave overgown (Blue, green, red, white, black) - 500 coins
Boot sheath - 900 coins
Calf sheath - 900 coins
Forearm sheath - 900 coins
Soft boot sheath - 1000 coins
Floor length cloak - 1000 coins

Exclusive Items
Exclusive dinner with Lady Avaria - 350 coins
Exclusive sword lesson with Prince Bertram - 480 coins
Exclusive dinner with Prince Betram - 500 coins
Exclusive sword lesson with Prince Bertram (2) - 700 coins
Exclusive dinner with Lord Boreas - 800 coins
Exclusive dinner with Queen Vivienne - 1000 coins
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