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  1. choetboi
    12-04-2015 10:41 PM
    này, anh Sỳ nảy ra ư định mua ba kich tim o ha noi coi đây là một trong
    nh. Nhưng bên đó nhà mua bán cây đinh lăng c toàn quốc năm 2015
    nh quyết tâm t́m hiểu kỹ c mua bán chuối hột a đ́nh, sau là để giúp đ
    14, sau 8 tháng, toàn bộ mua dam duong hoac t trong những câ
    hư giá Tam thất trên th mua tam thất xịn nguồn vốn tích lũy của
    xử phạt bằng h́nh ảnh bán nấm ngọc cẩu khô và đă xử lư được trên 2.000
  2. InsanePrincess
    05-02-2012 06:36 PM
    Hey! lol sorry Desari isn't back, but I am.
  3. Viola
    08-03-2010 04:38 PM
    She wear skirts and dresses, she never wears heels because of her leg. Her cane is just:
    "A varnished basswood cane. A three-foot tall stout stick with a knob on the end, carried as an aid in walking or climbing, but could be used as a weapon.
    The varnished basswood cane appears to be of average quality."
    Right now she's wearing this :P
    She is wearing a silver Zeiss Company ring, a gold Rodentia Clan ring, a loose midnight blue suede braided belt, a seashell white silk ruffled underskirt, a chic hot pink velvet ribbon, a snug dark blue suede ruffled blouse, a pair of midnight blue suede slippers, a midnight blue suede overskirt, a pair of ash grey satin thigh-high stockings, a beaded blue-violet broadcloth ear-shaped caul, a translucent satin snood, an ice blue brocade purse, a lacquered cedar dagger sheath, a dark red damask garter belt, a pair of gold satin ribbon garters, a khaki canvas Zeiss Company armband, a pair of translucent satin long gloves and a tightly cinched peacock blue satin corset.

    I can't wait Also, Maddy is way fun to RP with.
  4. Viola
    08-02-2010 04:02 AM
    Description of Carolyn! I hope you draw her for me soon :B
    Carolyn is a petite lissome ferret, with short, downy pearl fur, and floor-length glistening rose red hair, worn in a french braid. Sharp carrot orange eyes are set above a snub nose and a tiny mouth, complete with puckered lips. Short trim claws, on rough hands, and slender feet are also visible. You also note her scant eyebrows and expressive ears.

    She needs a cane to get around.

    Left leg scar:A disfigured, scarred left leg. A trail of fur is missing here, replaced by a burn scar which begins near the lower pelvis and radiates outward to the top of the knee. Skin has attempted to grow over the area, but only manages to fill in deep grooves here and there on the surface.

    Tattoo on her back:
    It has been tattooed with a string of cherry blossoms. The fragility of the cherry blossom represents the fragility of existence, a brief period of life and implacable movement toward death. It is a symbol of individual and perfect beauty.
    Tattoo on her left ankle: A left ankle. It has been tattooed with a delicate wrought iron key attached to two floofy, heavily-detailed wings.
  5. Super Kylee
    03-30-2009 08:01 PM
    Super Kylee
    kay...i couldn't figure out how to PM so....

    if ya could do one with Mal and Kylee that would awesome!
    Malice is an average, muscular man of freckled complexion with shoulder-length, flowing, rust-colored hair, in a straight hairstyle. Hazel eyes return your gaze from beneath thin eyebrows. You also note his thin lips, firm mouth, square jaw, protruding ears, clean-shaven face and plain cheeks. He is carrying a metallic silver mineral, two opalescent colorless minerals, two reptile fossils, a metallic black rock, a smoky grayish-brown crystal, an insect fossil, a fossilized reptile tail, a metallic green mineral, a fossilized bear's claw, a bright pink crystal, a pastel pink crystal, a glossy pink crystal, a brownish-red rock with black streaks, a primate fossil, a black communication device and a glowing mining laser. He is wielding a silver electric pulse pistol. He is wearing a black leather trenchcoat, a pair of black leather boots, a cloth arm brace, a gold lion head ring, a black leather satchel, a commerce bracelet, a medical alert pin, a gold beetle pin, black leather gloves, a fancy masculine wrist watch, a white bandage and medium, black leather pants.

    Kylee is a tall, curvaceous woman of fair complexion with waist-length, straight, blue-black hair, in a loose-bangs hairstyle. Blue gray eyes return your gaze. You also note her small nose, plain cheeks and ordinary ears. She is wearing black fluoropolymer weave cargo pants, black boots, a black bodice, a commerce bracelet, a blue metallic bracelet, and a gold octopus pendant.
  6. Sephraem
    11-22-2008 05:40 AM
    Cause they didn't like headstrong women that wanted to be equals. So I think.
  7. Sephraem
    11-19-2008 07:25 AM
    *wiggles her fingers* Aye, she was. Its more of a RL reference from me to someone else *eyeshift*
  8. Dominique*
    07-24-2008 10:47 AM
    Congrats on your babie Blue! I peeked at your myspace and seen the pictures before you posted >.> She's an adorable little thing ^.^ And that's coming from someone who usually hates children. I wish you the best in motherhood and know she'll turn out to be a beautiful girl just like her Mommy. Goodluck, great wishes, and love you! -Domi's player
  9. TroubuleD
    06-19-2008 06:18 AM
    If you would like to see some of my art, please check out my myspace

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