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Conversation Between Ozymandius and Lusilla
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  1. Lusilla
    08-27-2009 05:05 PM
    Ah, well I do hope to make a return, unsure how long the return will be, I imagine it may be a while depending on how Combat is these days, while I admit my simple interactions with people was 80% of the actual fun times I had, Combat ruled my life 8)

    Also hoping nobody decides to PK Lusi while I am around, at least

    Roll on 700 basics with 500 subs then I can finally quit in peace! 8)
  2. Ozymandius
    08-27-2009 03:34 PM
    Not having a char in the TM I can't tell you the ins and outs of them, but.....they're still there which is more you can say about most orgs IG. I always liked interacting with your character and was merely interested if you were returning.

    And why it is not surprising you'd let not getting lusi where you want her bug you the rest of your life...
  3. Lusilla
    08-27-2009 12:16 PM
    Wow, hello there 8)

    Unsure if and when to be honest, merely reminiscing through alot of old screenshots at the moment. May be back toward the end of the year, I had not quite gotten Lusi to where I wanted, so cannot leave that annoying me for the rest of my life

    Plus I am curious as to how the TM/Family are and the likes, hoping all my friends are doing well still, so wish to show my face.
  4. Ozymandius
    08-26-2009 06:58 PM
    So.....when you coming back?

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