About this series: Every two weeks or so, NeoArchaeology surveys the state of the open source MUD world. It grumbles, makes witty comments, rolls over and goes to sleep. Noah Gibbs, its author, has been working on MUD servers for ten years and talks like Niles Crane from Frazier.

Engines of Creation Column...
  • Procedural Content Generation – #6: How randomly generated content works in online games--and how it doesn't.
  • Real Innovation – #5: Instead of originality, build entertainment and reliability into your new MUD.
  • Labor-Saving Devices – #4: How to save time by writing less text in a text-based environment--and the dangers of doing so.
  • Got a License for That? – #3: Why don't MUDs advance in Internet time? It's all about the licensing.
  • It's Based on Actual Math! – #2: How much effort is it to make a game? Do the math.
  • Toys in the Attic – #1: A new column talks about expanding into the future of MUD programming by understanding the past.

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