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Beginning Tomorrow: Guest Voices

by Various Hands

Tomorrow we'll be starting a new column at Skotos called, "Guest Voices". We hope that it'll be appearing at least every month, but more often if we receive more contributions.

We've usually run continuing columns at Skotos, with the intention being that every column would be at least 6 articles long, so that our writers would have the time to more fully explore their views on gaming.

However, accepting only continuing columns has kept us from producing great, standalone columns from designers, developers, and other folks involved in the industry who aren't willing to commit to a longer run. In the past year we've had an increasing number of offers for singleton articles, and thus we've decided to give this a try.

Our first article in Guest Voices is going to be from a Skotos designer, talking about recruiting for volunteer-staffed games. However, I hope that we'll be able to cover the whole spectrum of games, from free to entirely commercial, from graphic to text, from one-off to ongoing.

If you're interested in writing a one-off column, just drop our editor a line at

In the meantime, this won't change the format of our regular columns, and in fact we're looking for more of those too!

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