The best way to illustrate Skotos ideology, processes, and experiences, is through our often humorous, but always informative articles.

Our StoryBuilder articles logically enough cover many topics of interest to StoryBuilders. Explore and enjoy.

StoryBuilder Article Archives
  • The Bulk System - A technical summary detailing how weight, mass, and bulk work in the Skotos StoryBuilder Server. Or, in other words, why an aardvark won't fit into a bread box.
  • The Evocation System - How do you express yourself in an online game?
  • The Proximity System - A technical summary detailing how the Skotos StoryBuilder Server models a sense of place within its rooms.
  • XML: The Core of the Skotos StoryBuilder Server – Discover the power of XML and how integral it is to the Skotos StoryBuilder Server.