About this series: Setting, character, plot, backstory, and detail are the core elements required to tell stories – in books, movies, or games. Kimberly Appelcline, a Creative Writing graduate student at SFSU, explores these topics and offers advice on how to tell good stories in this instructional series.

The Original Series

Kimberly's series on The Elements of Good Storytelling was originally published at the Skotos web site in the Fall of 2000.
#1. The Elements of Good Storytelling - An overview of character, setting, plot, and backstory.

#2. Vivid Characters - Making distinctive and absorbing characters.

#3. Dynamic Settings - Creating enticing, rich settings worthy of exploration.

#4. Plot Strategies - Approaches to plot development in stories.

#5. Imagining Backstory - The importance of backstory for rich storytelling.

The Roleplaying Supplements

Two additional articles were published early in 2001 at RPGnet. They were collaborations between Kimberly & her husband, Shannon Appelcline, specifically applying the Elements of Good Storytelling to roleplaying games.
#6. StoryTelling in RPGs, Part One (4/16/01) - Applying the rules of setting and characters to roleplaying games.
Published as Thinking Virtually #8.

#7. StoryTelling in RPGs, Part Two (4/23/01) - Applying the rules of plot and backstory to roleplaying games.
Published as Thinking Virtually #9.