Brian Moriarty Joins Skotos Tech as Director of Game Development

Berkeley, CA, November 15, 2000 – Brian Moriarty, acclaimed computer game designer, has joined Skotos Tech as Director of Game Development. He will oversee the production of all future titles, beginning with the release of Skotos Stages in early 2001, and will also coordinate with external game authors.

"Brian is a legend in the game industry," says Christopher Allen, Skotos Tech President & CEO. "He's intimately familiar with creating text-dominant games, and is going to be a tremendous asset to the company. We're thrilled to have him."

"I was astounded when I learned about Skotos," says Brian Moriarty. "They're totally committed to the prose format. But it's not legacy technology -- their software architecture is really sophisticated and powerful, way beyond anything else I've seen."

Brian Moriarty authored three of the original Infocom prose adventures, Wishbringer, Trinity, and Beyond Zork. His first graphic adventure, Loom, was published by Lucasfilm Games. He also served as Senior Game Designer at Rocket Science. In 1995, he co-founded Mpath Interactive, an online games portal, where he acted as Creative Director for the production of Mplayer's suite of voice-enabled multiplayer parlor games.

Brian has been a featured lecturer at Computer Game Developer Conferences and Roadshows since 1988, and a frequent lecturer and panelist at CES, E3, SPA, and IGDA trade shows. His games have earned numerous industry awards.

By bringing his interactive fiction expertise to Skotos, Brian will help to create the next generation of Skotos products. He will be coordinating game developers Michael Blum and Lisa Eichler in the creation of the initial Skotos Stages – short online roleplaying games with distinctive beginnings, middles, and ends – as well as Golden Gate: 1849 and Alvatia, two Skotos flagships planned for debut in 2002. He will also be the key contact for external developers, who will be creating Stages and full-scale games for release throughout 2001.


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