BERKELEY, CA, Feb. 5, 1999 – Skotos Tech, an online game company located near the University of California at Berkeley, today announced that it had acquired a license to DGD, a powerful online game server. The licensing agreement was signed by Christopher Allen, President & CEO of Skotos Tech, and Michael S. Oswald, General Counsel to Acuity Corporation. "I’ve had my eyes on DGD for a while," said Christopher Allen. "Its acquisition will provide Skotos Tech with a solid development base and will substantially reduce our time to market."

Skotos Tech will take advantage of DGD’s ability to create a massively multiuser environment. "We’re offering multiplayer interactive fiction on the Internet," said Christopher Allen. "People will be telling their own stories and participating in stories created by their peers." The ultimate goal is a community of hundreds of games, most of them contributed by Skotos subscribers.

"DGD is the best engine out there," said Pär Winzell, Lead Engineer for Skotos Tech. " It has a superb reputation and proven stability." Six years of continual development have made DGD a robust programming platform. Felix Croes released the first version on August 12, 1993. It was purchased by iChat (now Acuity) in 1995. IChat used DGD to create a powerful chat server, which was licensed by Yahoo! and other well-known Internet companies.

At Skotos Tech Pär Winzell will direct development of DGD. He has a long familiarity with DGD and nine years of experience creating virtual worlds. Pär has outlined a set of improvements and additions to DGD that will allow for the creation of an immersive virtual environment. These modifications, bundled with DGD, will be known as the Skotos StoryBuilder Server.

Skotos Tech’s license of DGD allows for the relicensing, marketing, sale, and distribution of DGD. The only restriction upon Skotos Tech’s use is that it can not offer DGD for the primary purpose of customer support. In building the Skotos StoryBuilder Server on top of DGD, Skotos Tech will be creating a real and protected intellectual property.


Skotos Tech is an online game company committed to creating a community of storytellers and players. Skotos offers tools that allow storytellers to concentrate on the plot, character, and detail of the worlds they build. Skotos provide an environment that allows players to explore these worlds, share their accomplishments, and possibly become storytellers themselves. Skotos Tech is located in Berkeley, CA. It was incorporated in 1999 and plans for initial release of its virtual worlds in Winter 2000. More information is available at