Skotos Game Channel Adds Z-Opolis--the First Family-Friendly MMOG--to Their Lineup

BERKELEY, CA, August 17, 2004 — Gamers looking for variety in online prose role-playing, graphical role-playing, and strategy gaming, all for one single, affordable, monthly subscription have already discovered Skotos. The one-stop game channel destination for those where socializing, imaginative story-telling by the players themselves, and the use of a little brain-power are highest on the list of wants in the games they play. It is these elements that are at the core of Z-Opolis, the latest addition to the Skotos portfolio of games. With its family-friendly, ESRB E-Rated game play that replaces weapons, combat, and conflict with cool clothes, positive social interaction, and cooperation, Z-Opolis is the first Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) designed with true family appeal.

"We see Z-Opolis as very complimentary to the games that Skotos already offers," said Kevin Hannah, Vice President of Marketing Officer at PersistentWorldZ. "Especially as Z-Opolis appeals strongly to women of all ages as well as more casual game players."

Z-Opolis is a virtual world where dreams and reality overlap. One in which a player develops their Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Social Quotient (SQ), as well as their proficiency at any of the 6 different types of job they can take: Gatherer, Hunter, Miner, Chef, Designer, Engineer or Trader. Mix this with raising their very own interactive Z-Pet, playing mini-games, creating and running their own club, decorating their room, and wearing vibrant clothes and costumes, and you have the perfect setting to make and play with friends.

"PersistentWorldZ joins the Skotos' Associate Game program alongside developers such as 4 Point Games, Near Death Studios, and Lyra Studios" said Shannon Appelcline, Vice President at Skotos. "Allowing us to offer a one-stop destination for any gamer looking to play a diverse group of games for the same cost as it usually takes to play just one game."

Players interested in trying out Skotos' twelve games should visit for a free trial month.

About Skotos

Founded in 1999, Berkeley, California-based Skotos Tech Inc. ( is a developer and publisher of multiplayer games. Its games all center around socialization and new Internet-based communities. Other games currently published by Skotos include Castle Marrach, The Eternal City, Monsters!Monsters!: Grendel's Revenge, Droid Arena, Fist of Dragonstones, Galactic Emperor: Hegemony, Gang of Four, Space Federation, Queen's Necklace, and classics such as Meridian 59: Sacred Haven and Underlight.

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PersistentWorldZ (, founded in 1998 and headquartered in Lake Forest, California, is set to be a leading Managed Game Service Provider (MGSP). This includes the introduction, continued expansion, and successful service, of massive unique persistent game worlds that capture the imagination of the whole family.