RPGnet Adds Three New Columns

BERKELEY, CA, August 4, 2006 — This July and August RPGnet added three new columns to its library of gaming articles: Aesclupius' Medical Musings, Shannon Appelcline's A Brief History of Game, and Christopher Gunning's The Next Level.

Medical Musings is a look at roleplaying game systems by a medical doctor, providing realistic background for gamemasters to use. The first article discusses medical trauma, while future articles continue the discussion of trauma and talk about various mental illnesses, all from a professional viewpoint.

A Brief History of Game is a look at the history of the gaming industry, one company at a time. The first article is a massive overview of Wizards of the Coast, while articles through October will cover Paizo Publishing, Chaosium, Issaries, and ICE.

The Next Level is a gamemaster's column that describes various tips and tricks that center around thinking critically about the craft of gamemastering. The second column discusses forcing the backstory--and deciding when the gamemaster is right and when the players are. Future articles cover note cards and collaborative world building.

The RPGnet columns are also currently celebrating the upcoming GenCon with an "Industry Week". Besides the Wizards history article, other original pieces published this week include an exclusive interview with Greg Stafford about the past and future of Glorantha and Patrick Sweeney's recently revived Behind the Curtain column about running Firefly Games. More industry specials are planned in the weeks before and after GenCon, including an article on noir by Rob Vaux (8/7), an exclusive interview with Matthew Sprange about RuneQuest (8/16), and the Paizo Publishing history (8/21).

These new columns and special features join a large library of about 1500 game-related articles currently available at RPGnet. There are currently 20 active columns at RPGnet, from "A Brief History of Game" to "Winging It", and there is a new article running most weekdays.

All 20 columns are available in the RPGnet Columns section, or via RSS.


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