Xenagia Index Now iPhone Friendly

BERKELEY, CA, July 24, 2007 — The Xenagia Book Index, a listing of fantasy, science-fiction, and horror books, has optimized its page displays for the iPhone through special iPhone style sheets.

The iPhone, 2007's hottest new technological toy, allows for on-the-go web browsing with a desktop-quality browser. Xenagia's Book Index now supports a specialized display for iPhone users which allows page viewing with no zooming required in either portrait or landscape mode.

Xenagia's book index is an online database of genre books that currently contains 850 distinct editions and is growing daily. Users can not only read information about specific books and easily look up authors and series, but they can also rate books they've read and use the Xenagia index as an electronic catalog for their own book collection.

The iPhone-friendly Xenagia Index was built with the help of the iPhoneWebDev web site. This site offers a blog, examples, a mailing list, and other features of use to iPhone web developers.


Founded in 1999, Berkeley, California-based Skotos Tech Inc. is an online entertainment company. Its sites include: Skotos Online Games (, a community for online roleplaying; RPGnet (, a tabletop roleplaying community; and Xenagia (, a fantasy, science-fiction, and horror community.


iPhoneWebDev ( is a developer's community for web designers and programmers alike who are interested in creating web pages for use on the iPhone. It is the largest such group on the Internet.